• Sophie Ward.



I am a girl who looks at the world with adventure and opportunity. It is a challenge and I search the end of the Earth to find the codes but never reaching the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I understand that life is a journey and not a destination but that doesn't dampen my motivation to continue the search through the dark woods. I don't just tread water and keep my head above the waves, I dive into deep, dark waters head first. I paint smiles on faces but lose the pen to paint on my own. I find comfort in sharing my heart and hope that I can find a plaster for my own. I wander the streets of the world wondering where I will feel most a home. Alien in my own body and invisible even without owning a cloak. Magic spells and keeping secrets I can't tell. The wishes I blow away like kisses, hoping for a fairy to catch. We look to heaven above and question our actions on the ground. The deadly sound of a heart beat so fast. The numb feeling radiates as you realise you feel weak. You are a warrior without much armour. The wars you have fought and the battles you continue to fight. You wrap yourself in love like you are a present. Often little light but you carry your candle with pride and never lose sight. The dreams are written in stone on the walls. Bouncing back after all the falls. I pick myself up and brush ourselves down we allow the wind to blow through our hair. I have spent many days dwelling in despair. The hearts we medicate with love, gives me strength to heal the scars deep within. My heart like a light house welcomes passing ships. Hoping at least one like a magnet I attract. I can't keep ships at the shoreline when there is so much of yourself and life to explore. I am a girl who feels more than my heart likes to say. I am a girl who looks at life and its challenges in an unique way. Running through dark alleys and facing my fears. Seeing the beauty in the darkness and peace in silence. I teach myself the meaning of life as it is and what we make our time to be. I know there are no answers, but many questions. I am faced with many choices, good and bad but all with fatal or amazing consequences. I often challenge ideals, swerve the car and pave new paths. I put myself in front of the firing squad to save others and protect them. Protection isn't a weakness. Cries for help are often unheard, ignored and unseen but can be found in the most common and public places. I have open my heart to all who open my door. I have listened to all who have spoken words and I too have learn the mistakes of my being. I endeavour to carry on growing and blooming everyday, which is a process that will never end. Our time is precious and the clock continues to tick, moving faster with every blink. I am a girl, with no real answers, a million questions and a thousand and one missions. My determination will never allow me to quit and my sheer stupidity will always be my cheerleader egging me on to push myself for more. Life is a Russian Roulette game we are all involved in. I am a mystery waiting to be solved, maybe that's my charm. A person people can't describe. A heart broken like a mirror, a story with far too many complex words and a life that is a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces needed to create a full picture. I am a girl who is clueless and is just learning on the job. As long as I keep hope in my heart, faith in fate, determination in my belly and my flame never burns out. I will be here and creating waves without a doubt. Never truly understanding the game that life is all about.






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