• Sophie Ward

Cheers To Celebrations

Another busy week.

How is it Friday already! Where has this week gone?

It’s crazy and I can’t get my head around how time flies.

It’s been another busy week, health & work wise.

My head is throbbing, from my migraines and injections. My throat stings, my kidneys are playing up and I’m trying to hold on and push through.

It’s often hard to keep going - you have so much to do yet your brain doesn’t want to work.

So here I am.. writing but struggling. My mind foggy, tired and slow.

On the plus side, I had another fun afternoon at Chorley FM. As always, plenty of laughs and when we need a dose of laughter it is the place to go. We can’t not mention that Simon Field has his birthday tomorrow too. So there were of course cake and cards floating around the studio. It was a must of course. Simon has welcomed me and supported me so much so he definitely deserves the big chocolate cake and the celebrations 🎉! I wonder how much cake he will actually eat though.

We all know what he is like when he is high on sugar ... anything can happen.

I hope you have an amazing day Simon and thank you for being the coolest dude and helping me so much.

Lots more fun times ahead.


This weekend is Remeberance Weekend and we will be doing our silence and opening our There But Not There solider this Sunday at 10.45am.

As we honour the brave heroes who gave their lives for our freedom. We will be forever grateful to them and never EVER forget their bravery.


Wherever this weekend leads you I hope it’s a good one.

Be grateful and cherish the precious moments.





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