• Sophie Ward

Healing - Poetry

Something isn't quite right,

I can't sleep through the night,

I know time ticks on,

How can I go on,

Riddled in pain,

Inside and out I am under so much strain,

The wind blows,

Tears like the river flows,

Staining my cheeks,

How many weeks?

Just acting normal but the doctor can't see,

What is happening to me,

I feel them crawling and drilling,

In my body they throw a party which to them is so thrilling,

Slowly me they are killing,

My secrets I can't be spilling,

My heart I hold close to me so dear,

I know my angel is forever near,

I have been so lucky and fought against it all,

Nobody believed I would continue to fight after a mighty fall,

I stood tall,

My tears often I have had to stall,

Swallow the lump,

My body on the bed lands with the thump,

My mind a foggy mess,

Trying to keep myself together I guess,

Always prepared,

Remembered for the loved I shared,

Ending with my heart on my sleeve,

The only thing within me that will never leave,

Watching you walk away and leave,

I have forgiven and no longer grieve,

The world you wanted and I said go,

I continued to glow,

But I know,

My own story was my show,

I gave my all,

Despite it all,

I shouldn't fear,

I was given another amazing year,

So many opportunities and memories to bank,

So many amazing people to thank,

Somehow working through,

But that is what I do,

Escape from reality and the doubt,

The burn out,

Get up and brush yourself down,

They expect to see you around town,

Often people don't wish you well,

Don't worry I can tell,

The chatter,

I have heard the talk you natter,

Something isn't right,

I still have many dreams I have in sight,

I continue to fight,

A light within so bright,

Putting smiles on faces,

Saying my graces,

Being there,

I care,

Gifted with a disease,

That does bring me to my knees,

Without it I wouldn't have been blessed,

In positivity and love that is so strong I got dressed,

Wrapped in hugs,

Coffee to function in deep mugs,

I came and I conquered everyday,

Adding my own touch in a special way,

I made peace with my regrets you see,

They will never make you happy,

Living each day as much as I can,

Never knowing our life span,

Onwards and upwards is the only answer to you,

Thank you,

I know that something isn't quite right,

I hope I can continue to fight.



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