• Sophie Ward

Awards Aftermath

Well, well. What a night. So much to say and I don’t know where to even begin.  

Firstly I think it’s important to say I’m sorry. Why am I sorry? I am sorry I couldn’t  steal the win for my community. I knew what this win would do for Lyme Disease. What a platform it would put our disease on, in hope we could gain acceptance and receive the credit we all deserve. 

My journey is, my journey. But my work, my campaigning is for my fellow Lymie’s and for people. I want to protect & save lives but it is also important to give sufferer’s a voice. I felt the weight on my shoulders last night because I wanted to do everyone proud. 

I am so sorry I came away empty handed in terms of a trophy. But we don’t need a trophy to have succeeded. As a campaigner I was shortlisted out of thousands to the final six with OBE’s and MBE’s in my category.. it was just such an honour to be on the shortlist alongside them. 

It’s given me motivation to keep fighting and the inspiration to better myself - to carry on growing into the best person I can be. 

We left our mark and that is a huge success. The celebrities learnt and wanted to know more about the disease, which is amazing. They recognised me and interested in the fight we all take on everyday with our illness. 

They will go back and remember this moment. So when we carry on making a difference and our work is highlighted they will help support us, spread the word and back our fights. This is so incredibly important. 

I know deep down, I did all I could and that’s all I could have asked of myself. I have to be proud of myself and realise the huge fears I overcame to be at this event & the hard work I have put in. 

It was never an overnight job.. and it never will be. We still fight day and night to gain acceptance, more research, spreading awareness and battling our own symptoms.

Many people forget how poorly Lymie’s are. And as I hopefully show evidence of through my blogs, pictures and poetry— it’s not easy. It is so tough. We do well to get out of bed.

I hope to be an inspiration and I hope that I can help people be positive and more proactive. 

We all deserve life. 

A win last night would have meant the WORLD and finished off a special year. I cannot complain however - I have enjoyed such an AMAZING year. I am so beyond grateful for all the amazing adventures, fear overcoming opportunities, cherished memories and achievements. Despite up and down health. It’s a year that will always present amazing and special memories for me. 

None of this would have happened without all you - my support system. You are my cheerleaders. I value you, all so much. I am so thankful, and blessed to have you. I hope you have and continue to enjoy my journey. It has made me want to give back as much as I can this festive season to really highlight the true meaning of Christmas. 

I gave the world my heart & hard work and I’ve being granted amazing memories. I want to inspire others to do the same and also give people inspiration and love to re-find themselves and regain confidence because I know what it is like feeling so lost. It breaks my heart seeing others struggle. Remember do all you can to make others smile because it will help you smile too. 

It’s onwards and upwards 🙌🏼. The world is our oyster.

Thank you as ever for your on-going support. I felt it was only right for me to give you an overview & reflect on last night. 





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