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Christmas Orders - Warming Hearts.

Yesterday was an enjoyable day catching up with Gilly and talking about all the projects, work and exciting things going on at the moment to do with my campaign work on BBC Radio Lancashire. I am so grateful and thankful for all the support the BBC as a whole have given to the Lyme Disease fight this year and I truly hope and look forward to carrying on this relationship into 2019 and the many years that lie ahead.

We have had quite a year and I think we all deserve a big well done!

So thank you everyone for the hard work, love and support you have shown our battle throughout 2018 and 2019 seems set to be an exciting year too with lots of fresh ideas and motivation.

One of our Believe-A-Bear's is now famous after appearing on the radio yesterday and having it's picture taken with Gilly. I am so pleased and proud to say so far the campaign is going well and I hope it is something we can carry on and build on in the future. We have restocked our bears ready for the last Christmas cut off which will be the 18th December. So please get your orders in quickly, so you can have your bear for Christmas. I can safely say that I am already becoming attached to the bear who was my little support system yesterday in my radio interview. It is funny how easily they become a comfort, a loyal friend and a mascot. Thank you all so much for you support on this project. One that is so deeply close to my heart. So it all means so much to me. We are making a donation to my two charities and though it isn't a massive donation (however we hope we can grow this idea) it is more the emotional side of the gift that is important. It is just an added bonus that we can help support the charities too and in the long run make a difference to the lives of others.

A special and the most important mention must go to the number one Mamager - if it wasn't for her, the project wouldn't have been a success, work out as well or be so inventive and personal. She had added her sparkle and love to each bear too. Thank you Mama for always believing in me and supporting my dreams.

Give back this Christmas is anyway you can.

I am so, SO excited to be presenting Kids Sing Christmas tomorrow night at Chorley Town Hall with Simon Field. It is going to be such a great night and we are going all out on the attire to bring the touch of glamour and magic.

Christmas is a tough time for SO many in many ways.

The cold heightens symptoms for not just Lyme Disease suffers but for many battling chronic illness and emotionally it is hard. Schedules are demanding, the dark days, the endless socialising and rushing around. You feel like you are in a whirlwind and feel truly exhausted.

Giving back shows you evidence that there is love in the world, there is a purpose to life and with that you automatically feel lifted and better about Christmas.

Don't get wrapped up in the stress or the commercial side. Cherish family, the little things and giving back.

Remember you can purchase your bear today from my shop and as ever do please let me know what your plans are this Christmas and most importantly how are you coping?

THANK YOU, for your support. I am forever grateful.



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