• Sophie Ward

Poetry Sunday - Pain

I watch through glass and the fog,

Sharing my experiences on my blog,

Life is far away,

I am too exhausted to play,

Out in the cold,

There is a story that has been left untold,

Watching chaos unfold,

Never one to be confident and bold,

Lost in a room,

My heart fills with gloom,

Here I sit,

I can't do my bit,


Makes you insane,

Invisible to the eye,

In so much pain I cry,

Exhausted and tired,

All my bullets have been fired,

Worn down and no longer here,

Waiting to disappear,

I know Christmas is near,

I will enjoy with loved ones I hold dear,

I live in fear,

That I can't keep fighting this battle here,

Lost in a fog,

To keep my sanity I blog,

More health complications is my Christmas present,

I just have to live in the present,

My heart I have shared,

To those that have cared,

Half the person I used to be,

You look straight through me,

Sadness eats me inside and out,

Somehow I still manage to get up and about,

The struggle is more than I will ever show,

I am struggling I just want you to know,

I am quiet but inside I am dying,

Over the weeks I have done too much crying,

I will always smile,

Being normal? It has been a while,

I seem a bore,

From myself I hope for more,

The pain too great,

Who know's what may be my fate,

Wanting to be a part of life so badly but never fitting in,

Where do I begin,

For now I survive,

The infections inside me thrive,

Half the person I hoped to be,

I am sorry - I am not the real me,

Hibernation is for me,

I am realising keeping up and fitting in with life is getting harder for me,

Tear stain my face,

I must learn to pace,

My heart still has a beat,

In too much pain to stand on my feet,

Christmas time is here,

I guess I just need to be here.



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