• Sophie Ward.

Poetry- Searching

I searched the world but found nothing that answered my pain,

Numb to the core - I can't handle the strain,

The mountains climbed,

Myself I wanted to find,

I ran through the dark woods,

The river banks always bursting with the floods,

From tears I could not hide,

For the girl I could not find,

I wrote a story to embarrassed to tell,

People think they know me well,

Secrets write the mystery that may never be solved,

Time after time problems never seem to be resolved,

I left my message to you for you to read,

Nobody knows where the path to the future will lead,

Pain is like poison and is so toxic you see,

It has taken a part of me,

I have learn my lesson over the years,

Nothing can ever come from shedding tears,

We fight head on,

Blink and the time has gone,

All we have is now,

Take the stage and give us a bow,

Create dreams from a creative mind,

I know I am a rare find,

Moving forward ever still,

Popping an extra pill,

To keep me well through the day,

Our dreams are in arms way,

What more can I say?

All we have is today,

Pain is tragic,

Life can be magic,

Through the pain we cry,

In pain we lie,

Alone we feel,

We are loved a great deal,

Here we stand,

You can take my hand,

The garden's blossom and stars shine bright,

That is you all right,

My food prints in the sand,

With you I stand,

We have walked,

We have talked,

I write about you,

All we have been through,


We face every fear,

We chase the dreams with the goals we seek,

Feeling bleak,

Won't stop our minds running away,

Wanting to play,

Answers rarely exist,

To cave in - we must resist,

My story is bold,

It is waiting to be told.




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