• Sophie Ward

Poetry - Greatness

Life loves to play games with us all, 

Leading many to fall, 

We scribble with words trying to make sense,

Of pure nonsense,

A mystery one can never really solve, 

Problems we can’t single-handedly resolve, 

We give our best, 

We rarely rest, 

 Judge me , 

Doing the best with the cards life has dealt me,

The sun still shines bright,

Even in the darkness’s there is a glimmer of light,

My support brings me joy.

They light up life so I can enjoy,

The small treasures,

The simple pleasures. 

My heart is yours for the taking,

Working towards greatness in the making, 

We all make mistakes.

We have what it takes,

To chase the dreams we make and long for,

The world is ours to explore,

The good and the bad,

The happy and the sad.

A mystery that never really wanted to be solved you see,

Just find me, 

Walking through the woods to find my way,

It doesn’t happen in a day,

Self-love is a habit we all need in our life,

To shake the hurt and hate that cuts like a knife,

To rise above and be true to you,

Looking back at what you have been through, 

I saw it in you,

Your great too. 



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