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Poetry Sunday- Today It Is Dedicated To You All - Thank you.

I would like to thank you all for all your love and support, and this poem I would like to dedicate to my readers, followers, family and dear friends that fight with me everyday and I know will support me to the very end. I am so grateful to you all, and you all warm my heart. Thank you.

The Girl

I write a book,

I am not off the hook,

My words fill my mind,

As myself I try to find,

I put my heart on paper you see,

Maybe then you can see the real me,

I wipe my tears,

Oh how many years,

The days go by,

I do have a cry,

Working out my next move so that I can help,

The pain is too much - I yelp,

You try to keep focus on what lies ahead,

Forgetting you did well just getting out of bed,

It isn't all in my head,

You can feel yourself in anger turn red,

I pat down my dress,

It is life I guess,

I look into the light,

It is one hell of a fight,

I write out my speech,

To many I hope to reach,

To soothe hearts on the way,

With mine please don't play,

I have written my story in words you see,

Hoping to become the person I want to be,

I have travelled the seas and surfed the waves,

How many lives can we save?

To make people suffering a little more at ease,

Me - that would please,

To see the world like we should,

Achieving things we never thought we could,

Shaking hands,

Dealing with my pain demands,

We have to lie down,

We want to leave our footprints around town,

I speak from the heart,

I do often fall apart,

Like a mirror broken in many different ways,

Somehow I find the strength to smile through my days,

I write to you all,

That no matter how many times we fall,

We are still here,

People can hear,

You message so loud and clear,

You will never disappear,

Making your mark,

You can laugh off a harsh remark,

You have opened yourself up to the world in hope you can heal,

The pain in so many that is so real,

I open my heart up to you,

To inspire yourself in all that you do,

I thank you,

For supporting me in all that I do.



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