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Interviews & Counting Down

A Sunday morning has never been so much fun.

I was blessed with meeting the amazing journalist and radio presenter Nicola Adam yesterday morning as we sat down and did an interview not just on my new book coming out but also my backstory on Chorley FM. We weren't short of things to talk about that is for sure and we both lost track of time. Nicola herself is from a swimming background so it was great to re-live and share our swimming memories together. I really do appreciate the support more than word can truly express.

I easily get caught up in the here and now and forget about the ROLLERCOASTER journey I have been on. Often it's emotional re-living some hard memories and upsetting times but it is also very uplifting to see how I have managed to turn my life around really and rebuild.

I have had a lot of help and support along the way ( which I am forever grateful for) especially by my Mama, immediate family, close friends, Invisiyouth family, my Chorley FM team and of course my Lyme Disease UK community family.

It is amazing to see some health websites already talking about my book:


This excites me so much but it all also makes me so determined to make this book a real success.

A big THANK YOU to Natasha for allowing me to write this blog post:


Talking about my book and also adding links to the Lyme Disease UK website.

All the support really does go a long way for me, it warms my heart and inspires me so much.

I thank you.

We have a manic few weeks coming up with a handful of things but I am looking forward and am excited for next Tuesday!



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