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Keeping Focus

It has been a manic few days, I know it has only been a few days since I last wrote somehow it feels like I am letting the side down this week and not keeping up.

I won't lie, I am cream-crackered. My head is buzzing. Beyond belief. I wanted to sit down today and make sure I posted because it may get to Saturday before I get chance to check in again and everything seems to be so manic that I can't keep up with the days.

I know I am my own worst enemy, I expect a lot of myself and I am always looking to keep busy, keep focus and keep myself motivated so I can motivate others too. So here we are, in the thick of another manic week. I thank the Lancashire Evening Post for their article and support on my book which hit the papers on Monday and the Garstang Courier for also highlighting my story and supporting my book in their weekly paper. I am so grateful for all the support, love and help raising awareness I receive. Thank you.

Yesterday I was also talking to Invisiyouth, as they want me to sign on for another year and continue working with them but also be a part of their new programme. Which is very exciting but also I feel extremely honoured to be considered and thought about when these new roles are drawn up and thought out. There are so many wonderful chronic illness fighters out there, so I am very thankful.

The National Diversity Awards also opened their nominations for the 2019 National Diversity Awards. Be sure to vote for your role models in business and personally. Via the link:


I am so grateful for all the feedback so far on my book, In The 'Lyme' Light. I am hoping that the more people talk about it, the larger reach it will achieve and then the more people the book will help and inspire. There is a long way to go, like with any project, task and challenge. I am buckled in for the ride and now more than ever I need to keep working hard, pushing myself out of my comfort zones and listening. Listening to my own body and people. All my projects and ideas stem from my personal experiences. The traumas, the lessons, the mistakes and achievements. People can see it as selfish to use our on experiences and use our own healing to help heal others but I truly feel it is the only effective way. As chronic disease sufferers we get annoyed when people 'don't understand' and how can they? People can only understand when they themselves have travelled down the same road, felt the same pain, witnessed the same thing and experienced things for themselves. Relating can only occur when the person FULLY understands the situation. It is a cocktail and a combination. You must LISTEN but also you have to be brave enough to face your own upsetting facts to try and begin planting seeds that will bloom into beautiful flowers not be blown away and destroyed by the wind.

Today, I could have let words run away with me on this post. Lose myself in words and danced with them. Creating a mystery of what is really going on in my mind. However, I felt it was more important to ground myself, keep focus and think forward. To prove to ourselves the purpose we do hold and what lies ahead.

We keep dancing, even when the music dips, there is still music to be danced to!



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