• Sophie Ward.

The Pain That Causes So Much Strain - Poetry Sunday

The Pain That Causes So Much Strain.

Here and now,

I don't know how,

How I feel in my sleep,

For the night I do weep,

The pain,

Is a massive strain,

The life you want to live,

Often your disease you cannot forgive,

I see you here,

But then you disappear,

All alone and so trapped,

It is often hard to simply adapt,

I run far and wide,

From the pain you cannot hide,

The dark nights may haunt you,

Somehow every storm you just about weather through,

You lay your heart out on the line,

Lying to everyone that you are fine,

You paint the picture of how you want to be,

Often and so rarely allowing others to see the real me,

I have rebuilt from the ruins to here,

I have kept my loved ones near,

For the ones who walk,

To the ones who talk,

Living in a cage,

Is no way to age,

No way to live,

But we only have one choice and that is to forgive,

Myself I miss,

Life as it was seemed bliss,

I am not ungrateful you see,

As the battles have helped define me,

I am stronger than I ever thought I was now,

How to keep fighting - I know how,

For the words with which I play,

For the way I take on every day,

I rise and sometimes I fall,

But through it all I try to have a ball,

My smile doesn't always speak the truth - I won't lie,

I openly admit - I do cry,

I will never give up for I have so many more dreams,

However crazy it all seems,

I am me,

I work to be the best person I can possibly be,

I want you to see,

The real scars that the pain is leaving on me,

For the days I fight through,

For the times and memories I make with you,

It is all part of the story that I continue to write,

Fighting strong with all my might.



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