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What's Next On The Podcast?

It is a new week and a dose of MOTIVATION for a Monday. As I announced over the weekend I have begun a new venture by starting up my own podcast: Chronic But Iconic, talking all things chronic illness. My hope for this venture is to of course, help more people but also make it easier for people to enjoy the content that I create. All my projects, everything I take on I hope improves people lives, well-being and health but also I want to help build friendships and bonds so people don't feel crazy, alone or isolated.

Often reading my blog ( like this), a book or watching TV can be difficult when you are hospitalised and do have easy access to this content. Also if you are suffering with debilitating symptoms listening at your own leisure where you can pause, come back to the content and replay will hopefully but a way of giving people an enjoyable and easy way to access my work.

I know some of the topics that I talk about my be upsetting, bring up emotions or get quite deep in some places but I also hope to use this platform to inspire, motivate and educate my listeners. We are all on the journey of seeking happiness. Finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and succeeding at achieving a better well-being. I hope I can help in this journey, not only you guys but myself as well. My next guest Angie Walsh, we are recording THIS AFTERNOON an episode on self-love that I hope to release to you all tomorrow, will be a very heart-felt interview and discussion. It is one of the most upsetting and touchy subjects when it comes to chronic illness and for me personally it is a constant battle and sets off many emotions. I hope to be as open and honest as I can with you all as I talk to Angie this afternoon. Angie is AMAZING - no joke. She understands the process all sufferers go through when trying to rediscover themselves, find purpose, regain self-worth and acceptance. She has been there herself and learnt through her own battles to get into a healthier mindset and a more positive outlook on herself. Her story, her advice, hints and tips, I know will be of so much use to you all and I am just so thankful that Angie is kindly giving me her time and has agreed to do this interview. I mean what a way to kick off the series, right? On one of the hardest subjects to be open about. But this is exactly what I want this series to be about. Challenging myself and my own fears, to learn more about myself and how I battle daily with illness to encourage you all to do the same. When we begin accepting, understanding, being truthful and open they are keys to unlock so many wonderful doors, that can help us in so many ways blossom and grow. I know it is SO hard to take the first step but once you have taken the hardest step forward everything else will begin to seem clearer and a little brighter. I say this from experience. I, too am excited about the topic of self-love and it may be a topic we have to revisit because it is so hard to nail, work on and so many aspects to the topic but I know it is one of the main areas in life I personally need to work on. As I have said before, I have to lead by example. I have to prove that I too am poorly, feel the same way as all of you do, battle with my own issues and insecurities and have problems. I always try to be a positive as I can in day to day life and be the number of cheerleader, happy person but it is a far cry from sunshine and roses everyday. So , I too will be vulnerable in hope many of you will be brave enough to do the same. I hope seeing me work on topics, habits and so on will prove improvements can be made and the results of the courage we show, the fears we face are amazing.

I have set up a patron account where people can support my content if you enjoy what I am putting out. Why have I done this?

My content I put out everyday is free. Yes I sell my books and soaps through my site but any events I host, media work I do I donate the money to my chosen charities. Which of course, I wouldn't stop doing. Giving back is the best form of medicine as seeing other people benefit from your kindness really does motivate you. However the hours and time I put into my content for you all to enjoy is tasking, especially when I am poorly myself and I want to be able to provide the best level of content possible, which isn't cheap. So if you DO enjoy my content, enjoy reading, listening and so on please become a Patron, THE BUTTON IS ON MY HOMEPAGE and help me keep going, improving and being able to put out even more content. There are benefits and perks for becoming a Patron, discounts MONTHLY and more so you WILL become a part of the Sophantastic family and I will take great care of you. Your love and support is what adds fuel to my engine everyday and drives me to keep working hard, so I thank you so much. I am so grateful for your love and support.

It was hard for me to set up this Patron account and ask for your support because I know so many people are struggling as well and have ventures of their own. Mama has helped me become more comfortable with this idea because she knows the level of love, hours of work and endless time I give to my projects and my audience (who I love and adore very much!) So this is a way people can support me but also get perks and thank you's along the way. A two way relationship, not one way and that is a very important point!

You can view my latest podcast episodes through my Podcast page which you will find on the Homepage menu and please get excited for the coming episodes and series. I sure am. Please leave feedback, messages and comments so that I can address them, answer back and contact you futher. I love hearing from you all.





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