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We Learn From Others

Thank you for all the support on my new podcast channel Chronic But Iconic. I was nervous about taking on this venture and I am still learning but I hope you are all enjoying the content that is being produced. I know a lot of the stories, advice, hints and tips will be useful to so many of you. We can all learn from other people's stories, and can relate in lots of different ways. We have to stay open minded, understand and really listen. When we listen we learn far more than we do simply reading from a text book. We live in a one-track mind society and I hope with my channel, my blog and my social media platforms that I can prove to not only myself but to others that being unique, paving our own destiny and colouring outside the lines is what it is really all about. The madness is pure genius. We can't all be the same, or follow plan A. Life isn't like that, I have learnt that the hard way. I am still learning now. I get easily disappointed, disheartened and upset if plans don't go to 'plan' or I am thrown off the path I believed I should be on. We have to throw out our checklists, re-design our goals, revise our ideals and have faith in fate but also the courage to listen to our hearts. We will always face judgements, have critics and often we have to work REALLY hard. It is all worth it

in the long run though.

I am finding through the people I meet that I am not only opening up my mind and heart but it also helps in so many ways in the process of re-discovering yourself. I am still guilty but it is something I am working on, is worrying. Worrying myself that I need to be here, be doing this and that and that it is now or never. I would also have expectations, often ones way to high and I honestly felt unhappy because rarely were my expectations reached or as I said before my plan didn't go to plan. It is a cycle that is toxic to our mental health but one which is extremely hard to break. We are all fighting for happiness, looking for answers, wanting a miracle cure and a life that seems complete. I was one of those people, so hard-wired and focused on this path. Illness, of any kind breaks you down. It strips you bare, you don't have the armour and everything goes out of the window. You can't even think about sweating the small things because you are just trying to survive and live. To me, my health in quite a few ways was a blessing. Don't get me wrong. I still worry, I worry like crazy but I rarely set expectations because I know they will lead to disappointment. Instead I keep an open mind and hope to be surprised. I worry more about the people I care for and who care for me rather than waste my energy on people who don't care about me and the critics. We begin to focus on people over 'things' because they are what really brighten our days. You learn that we can't place people in a box with a label on it, not AT ALL. We are all unique, with our own special stories and our own personal battles. Life shapes us, hopefully for the better. Often we mourn our lives before ill-health and I think that is only human, but we have to find the strength to look forward and highlight the good. We have to re-build ourselves and our confidence. We can't hold on to the people who want to walk out, we simply have to hold the door open for them. The pain is often the worst kind but we have to keep our hearts open for the people who walk in and are willing to stick around. We can't allow our walls to shut people out because of previous pain. They are hard lessons to learn, tough habits to break and a long journey where we have to work hard everyday. People come in and out of our lives for a reason and we have to keep faith in that fact.

When you listen to my podcasts I want to help challenge ideals, help you rethink your thoughts, broaden your mind, relate & find comfort to the stories told and the topics that are discussed.

With anything I do, I build it from the bottom up and only hope for it to be a success. I hope to help as many people as I possibly can and I always endeavour to keep improving, learning and provide the best level of support possible.

I think all that is left to say today is a MASSIVE thank you for all the support, to the amazing, AMAZING guests we are having on the channel and I hope I can keep growing this venture because I am enjoying it so much.

I must apologise for lack of blog posts, managing everything and life is difficult at the moment. Especially with my health. So, I am trying to keep it all interesting with a mix of blog posts, podcasts and rest bite to manage my symptoms so I can keep providing content.

Thank you for understanding, please leave your feedback and carry on enjoying the series.


Love always,





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