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What's Coming... Deals For Easter & Finding Balance

The goal for the weekend & the week ahead is to simply manage my stomach symptoms, create more interesting content but enjoy myself too.

I have some exciting podcasts coming your way and over on Instagram a lot of you wanted me to do a podcast episode on my mindset and how that swimmer mindset has helped me tackle my illness which I will most definitely do for you. Anything you do want to listen & hear about - please let me know. I am putting this content out to help you all and although often it is so hard to open up, if just ONE person can relate and find comfort in my story or the journey of the person I interview then it is worth the world. I am having such fun with the podcast and I have my Mama to thank for inspiring me with the idea to take on this project/ venture but also massive thank you must go out to Adam Simpson who has really helped me with the editing side of the podcast & the intro music. Andrea Kuczynski has been a massive help in regards of helping me set up Anchor and work the app but also Angie Sudduth Walsh is amazing and so supportive. I really consider Andrea & Angie dear friends over in America. They are wonderful and thank you! Then of course, my amazing guests and their stories are what is making this venture so special, adding sparkle. Thank you. I hve been loving just talking to all my guests and feel so privileged to have a platform where they can share their inspiring stories and share their tips to you all. I can't wait to do more and keep growing this platform.

Something else I wanted to talk to you about today was a special Easter sale on my Sophantastic Soaps. Some people can't tolerate or enjoys chocolate so why not treat them with some fab soap products instead?

We have limited stock, but we will be restocking very soon.

The sale will kick off in the next couple of days and get in there quick because once the stock is gone the sale will end and we will be restocking.

If you are looking for the perfect gift that isn't in the form of a chocolate Egg - grab your soap sponges today!


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I am trying to find balance in my life, trying to work out a healthier out-look & feed my soul. I am lucky, that my work, my ventures and projects are my passions but that doesn't mean that it doesn't take a lot of time, energy, hours and hard work to keep everything going as well as constantly growing and improving. That very often I forget to rest, I forget my own health worries and am very guilty of burying myself in work to cover up my own pain. The worse my symptoms are getting the more I have re-wire my brain into being kinder and manage my work/rest life. We forget how precious our lives are and our health is. We forget that we don't know what is around the corner and how long we can manage our health to the level we do today. We have to prioritise ourselves sometimes over our work load. We deserve live and to enjoy living. So many of us do so much so for other people, which is amazing but we also have to care for ourselves.

Moving forward, yes I hope this weekend is a mix of work and fun and I will endeavour to make this happen.

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