• Sophie Ward

Poetry For Motivation On A Monday

We live and we learn,

As the fire within us continues to burn,

I find it hard to see,

The person I have lost is me,

I smile through the pain,

It makes the daily battle insane,

I write my story on the page,

A life without pain? It has been an age,

To play safe doesn't keep me secure anymore,

The world I really wanted to explore,

I was confide to the four walls around me,

I am trying to branch out into the world again you see,

Work can always be the main focus but health is stopping me,

I need to live a little more for me,

As the time passes and the clock ticks on,

I blink and another year has gone,

The pain keeps going strong,

It is daunting to the see a road so long,

With no end in sight,

It can be hard to fight,

The sickness that chains you down,

Turning your smile into a frown,

Never one to speak about the pain so much anymore,

Just trying NOT to fall through the floor,

Rewriting a story that wasn't supposed to be your own,

Looking back at how you have grown,

Is often amazing but also sad,

Mourning the life you once had,

So lucky to see,

I can still do as much you see,

The people I meet,

The people I greet,

Add sparkle and shine,

Helps us to feel fine,

We realise that we have no choice but to fight on,

How precious life is - it is soon gone,

We manage as best as we can,

Not always our own number one fan,

We know there is a black hole,

We fight to keep our role,

Pushing ourselves day after day,

Exhausted in everyway,

I have so much to say,

I am leaving it hear for today,

As tears flow,

I don't want to lose my glow,

For the love that is left to give,

Myself I must learn to forgive,

The fight gets harder day after day,

Somehow coping with it all in some way.





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