• Sophie Ward

125TH Birthday Is Green For Blackpool & Exciting Interviews

It is turning out to be another busy week.

Thank you so much for all enjoying Kirk Haworth's amazing podcast episode. It was a very enjoyable and inspiring interview. If you haven't listened to that episode already then please take a listen. It really is packed FULL of motivation. WOW the tower turned 125 yesterday, and GUESS WHAT? The tower still glowed green on it's BIRTHDAY and a BIG birthday at that. It was truly special. So magical in fact. I am so thankful to the council for all their support.

TOMORROW, I will be uploading Julia Knight's podcast episode. So keep your eyes peeled to listen for FREE to Julia's heart-breaking Lyme journey and how incredibly hard she works as media manager of Lyme Disease UK.

TODAY, I have the honour of chatting once again to the super talented Laura Brown on her exciting new music out NEXT Friday. It is an honour to have Laura Brown back on the podcast. I know so many of you enjoyed Laura's last episode that I recorded whilst being away in Alicante. So many of you were inspired by Laura's story but also the strength she has to balance her health with being a busy Mum too AND her AMAZING music. WONDER WOMAN.

Yesterday, I did a FACEBOOK LIVE with the wonderful and my dear friend Angie Sudduth Walsh. We got raw and real. Talking about all the unglamorous side of battling with a chronic illness. Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in and watched. It really means a lot and I hope so many of you learnt lots from the interview as well as feeing less alone in your battles.

So, I will keep you up to date with all of NEWS and what's going on. I wasn't going to write a blog post today as everything has been so manic but there is so much you can all keep up to date with and watch out for I wanted to keep you all informed.

Thank you so much for all the love and support & STAY TUNED.



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