• Sophie Ward

Poem- You Are Meant To Be Here.

You are meant to be here.

For now I see,

The damage within me,

The dreams I let fade,

As I sat in the shade,

Rocking in fear,

That I have lost all those so dear,

The pain that never ends,

To cherish our friends,

As I write,

I take back my right,

To be brave,

To never cave,

Despite the tears,

Over many years,

I am still alive,

I fight to continue thrive,

I must learn to let go,

Of the hurt I really do know,

To help heal,

To know that what is real,

Is the heart inside,

That keeps you fighting and taking on the ride,

The fear that makes me run,

Should be seen as a challenge and good fun,

We make mistakes,

Creating many retakes,

For what I see,

I have always been me,

Through the bad and the good,

I always act as I think I should,

Towards the pain that I face,

I must handle myself with grace,

This is me you see,

The perfectly imperfect person I have fought to be,

Please follow me,

On a journey to feeling confident with me,

There is a long way to go,

I walk with you - I'll have you know,

To pick you up when you are down,

Tonight our souls take on the town,

Whilst we sleep and rest,

So we have the energy to give our lives our best,

Hey little fighter I want you to hear,

You have a purpose to stay here.



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