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Knowing your 'why' is so important because on the dark days it is what pulls you out of your funk. It is what reminds you of your purpose in the world, reminds you are your self-worth

Self-doubt is the biggest killer of dreams. I am troubled by the curse every day. It takes great courage every day to stand up, shake off judgements and feel fully confident in yourself and your dreams. 

Slowly but surely I am learning that what other's question or judge me on doesn't equal my self-worth. Often people make comments claiming them to be facts without any evidence to support it. I used to soak up outside influences like a sponge. Allowing them to box me in. I kept quiet. I would have ideas and watched the universe pass them to people who willing to take actions on them. To scared to jump into water where you couldn't see the bottom - the unknown. That word instantly sparks nerves. INSTANTLY. The unknown.. the words that come to mind are: risk, failure, questionable

I have learnt the hard way that sitting on ideas. Allowing the unknown take over, hasn't saved me. Hasn't kept me from feeling pain, experiencing failure. It has only stopped me living, watched dreams fall apart, feel sadness and look back full of regrets. It is scary, it often causes anxiety but when you do dive in the deep end the keys come flying at you and you begin to unlock doors, opening your life up, brightening up your days, chasing your dreams and achieving. You can have all the dreams, say all the words but without action how can you expect to achieve them. 

I am passionate about helping others, in all forms. Did I have doubts about paving my own way YES. Did self-doubt creep in: YES. I felt guilty, selfish, scared, I questioned every risk I was taking and I still have the days when I question the steps I am taking. But I see the vision, I see the dream. It is a perfect mix of giving back to ME as well as helping others. Health is consuming, it is draining. It is also extremely challenging giving constantly. Often we begin to lose our identity because we are so focused on the needs of others. Our vision is clouded. We feel pride by the love and support we are giving and although it is our rocket fuel and keeping us fighting we are still aching. We can't quite shake off the feeling or work out the reason for this pain.

Why is this?

We haven't checked in with ourselves. We haven't taken notice of our wants and needs. I am lucky, I have almost found the lottery ticket. I can help others, by booking them on their dream travel trips and adventures, I can now train people to do book travel, have their own business too, work flexible hours and earn an income around their life circumstances. This gives me so much pride and excitement because I know what this business can do and give to people.

And I am committed to giving people 1-1 coaching and training to make sure they can gain some of their lives back, like I am doing. 

We have to be realistic with ourselves that we deserve to live too. I want to build my business up so that eventually, I will have more time freedom. I am able to make memories with my loved ones. I am passionate about making it a success not just for myself but for the business minded people I train, my family and friends. The people I train will also get this flexiblity. 

There is more to the world to explore beyond your front door. You are worthy of your dreams but you have to find the courage to chase them. Shake off self-doubt and judgements. Dig deep and follow your heart. You can do anything if you believe you can. Investing in yourself isn't selfish. You have to do it to feed your own soul but also so you keep learning, adapting, changing things up and finding new ways to help yourself and you! Think beyond tomorrow. Yes, cherish the present but if the present isn't sitting right with you, make the changes to make improves. Have faith in yourself, and your main supports will always be there to cheer you on. 

If you want to know more about training to becoming a travel agent, becoming your own boss and working your own hours. Please drop me an email. I am taking 1-1 coaching very serious so, I really will give you the best level of support. It is also extremely important if you do want to know the business model and if this business can work for you. We have our opportunity calls every Monday and Friday 9.15pm where EVERYTHING you need to know is laid out and explained for you. Please message me for more information about these calls. All you need to do if put your headphones in and listen whilst getting on with other tasks. 

If you want to book activities, hotels and cruises. Please reach out to me. Whether you are going away on a city break, looking into cruises or just want an activity to do whilst you are taking a short city trip. Reach out to me and let's see what we can do for you. 

We are partnered with amazing suppliers:

-Celebrity Cruises

-Royal Caribbean


-Red Sea Holidays

-Olympic Holidays

-James Villas


-Marriott Cruises



To name just a few. 

Example of activities:


-River Cruises: Lunch & Dinner

-Tours: Walking, Cycling, Private tours

-Airport transfers


-Med no-fly cruises

-Caribbean cruises


and many more.






I am making new friends every day. I am excited about the future. I have a purpose. I have a new mission. To help so many in new and exciting ways whilst feeding my own soul. Nothing gives me more of a buzz that seeing people fly, do well, grow and blossom

So remind yourself of your why. De-code what is holding you back. Write them down. See them for what they are 'doubts.' Dig deep and listen to your heart and soul. They will point you in the direction you are meant to be heading. Silence judgements, shake them off. They are jealous of your strength to put all your energy into your own self-improvement programme. They wish they could do what you are doing. Allow them to watch and allow your success to be the evidence that proves they worthless words wrong. Don't explain. Don't alter your mindset. Get chasing... 

You deserve it!




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