These soap sponges are simply amazing. They are perfect for travelling as they are lightweight and not liquid so can go in your hand luggage, fab for pre self tanning as they help smooth the skin.  They are available in a small range of flavours handpicked by myself that reflects my personality. I wanted to find a product that would mean that people can wash themselves a little easier if they are bedridden or hospitalised. We all want to feel fresh and any home comforts goes along way when you are suffering with illness & away from home. Many soaps are made with lots of harsh chemicals that can be harsh on the skin. I wanted to provide my customers, readers and followers with products that we all love like Lush, that smell amazing but without causing any harm to our skin. On average these sponges last around a month
I have handpicked flavours and if these products do well I hope to extend the range of flavours on offer:
Lime: Of course for Lyme Disease. It is zesty and fresh. One of my favourite trips was to Cuba and they are the captial of Mojitos. So not only does this flavour reflect the disease I battle and live with but fond travel memories. 

Pineapple: A troical dream. I am always dreaming of the sun and pineapple is one of those flavours that instantly makes you think of a beach not to mention before all my health issues Pina Colada's used to be my FAVE cocktail and it is still my Mama's fave. So pineapple HAD to be a flavour. It is tropical and is the fruit that fills my breakfast bowl whenever I travel. 
Berry Sorbet: A sweet treat. Now, those who know me well will know how OBSESSED I am with sorbet. Ice cream used to be a staple to my dessert diet. So, when I became intolerant to dairy, my whole world came crushing down. We are still WAY behind in this country, only serving the typical sorbet flavours: lemon, raspberry and if we are lucky mango. My recent trip to Europe was sorbet HEAVEN, averaging about six scoops a day and trying every flavour possible. So, here we are again reflecting my travels because after-all these are great for travelling and reflecting a bit of me. 



Sophie xo

Sophantstic Soaps - Soap Sponges

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