Route 66 Adventures - Day 6.

June 20, 2016


Day 6 of our American journey. 


Hiiiii beautiful souls. 


We have been busy for sure - but all is good in paradise. We have made some tracks that's for sure but seeing so much too. 


The supermarkets - so massive! 

We have definitely become addicted to ice teas- well green iced teas for me. So refreshing in this sun though. 


Our car is so full, of water and food. The whole back seat is covered with bags full foods and the cooler full of drinks. 


I hope you are all enjoying our journey so far and keeping up to date with my snapshot vlogs, Snapchats @sophwardy and Instagram @sophiewardy there will be so much time needed to be put in once I am home on editing proper videos for you guys will all my experiences that are more in detail then will definitely creating a book for you guys sophantastic style (outside of the box) exciting times.


Hopefully I am keeping you up to date enoughplease share about what you think. 


Love hearing from you. 


Matthew and I are loving it, Matthew wants to stay so he can keep driving our car and of course I LOVE the states. The chilled vibes. 

All good vibes. 

The only issue is everything is FRIED! And they put cheese on everything!!! Even if you ask without cheese they forget and add it. Although they are very good with helping me out allergy wise - so we can't slate them too much. 

I am missing boiled, baked and steamed foods though. 


The oil, just makes me so ill! It literally makes me shut down once I have eaten it. I get a brain fog, can't concentrate, my throat closes up and I have zero energy.. I can't explain it. Allergies, you don't know how hard they are to deal with unless you suffer from them yourself. 


But don't let them bring you down!!


Choose life- don't let illness affect you. I said this to my Mum the other day- it's already taken so much of me and effected me so much, that I can't let it keep ruining things for me and taking my happiness I have to enjoy my life as we only get one shot at it. 


So keep spreading the smiles, good vibes, kindness, love and Sophantastic buzz 🏻️. 



And we will catch up soon.


Love and peace. Xo



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Life is too short not to live it to the full, making yourself happy.

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