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August 28, 2016

Hi everyone, 


I am back home and back enjoying home comforts. Marbella was lovely and lovely to spend sometime with everyone,we are all so busy and running around that we don't really get time to just chill together and catch up. It was difficult trying to explain to the Spanish about my  allergies but they were very good at giving me allergies books which showed what ingredients were in what dishes - this helped. And maybe should be available in more of our restaurants. It is better than trying to explain and go through the whole menu, the customer can look through the book in their own time and make the choices they wish too. 


However - Picasso's were very good and Celebrities Gold restaurant were probably the most helpful. Especially Celebtrities Gold- their staff were all very friendly - they made sure we were comfortable and basically told me they would make me anything, which is very helpful. The food wasn't the best, but we had an amazing view, I got an upgraded cocktail and the staff were so friendly!! Abit like Chicago with Quartino's, Celebrities Gold customer service was a winner by far. I never felt uncomfortable that night.


Thank you to my Auntie for working through my book and proof reading, whilst I have been away. I have been approached by a publisher and looking down that path now to gain more exposure for this cause. So I have decided to spend sometime looking down this route meaning I won't be rushing to get the book published. I want to make it right.


I have lots of things I want to do before Croatia - I have Mama's birthday coming up  and I have a few things up my sleeve that I need to organise,  my best friend Shannon's birthday, and have lots of foodie themed things I want to do, restaurant testing, product testing- as found lots of new products and want to get my friends and family's take on a few things.


I am also going to research Croatia well and go as prepared. I am researching and trying to be more openminded.


I will keep you updated :) 







 LOVE AND PEACE and thank you to Mama, Papa, Matthew, Trish and Al for memories that will be kept forever and lovely times. 



Roll on Croatia.




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