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September 5, 2016

Feeling very positive this Monday! After talking to my friend Jourdan Kenny yesterday I am full of new ideas and now have more of a clear plan to move forward.

She has settled lots of my doubts and thinks like my publisher that the message I am spreading is a good message and she would like to help. With her skills in business and marketing I would be most grateful to her for any advice and help she has to offer. 


Though its really boosted me having people be so positive about this lifestyle and willing to invest in me and support me. 

I think this is the start of a new chapter.


This is where the real work will begin and after yesterday I am really ready to take it on. I am very hard on myself and do doubt and get embarrassed about showing my books to people etc and having people come to me and say they are good really builds my confidence and does so much for me.

I haven't seen Jourdan is so long as our lives have been so busy but I strongly believe we have come back into eachother's lives again for a reason and that we can really spread the word and educate more and more people whilst creating more recipes and books. 


Thank you Jourdan, she really gave me some personal confidence too which I am grateful for and it has helped me believe in myself more. 


So on the whole an extremely positive weekend - and hopefully a good week ahead.


I am looking forward to Croatia now - at first I was a little nervous. But with my Mum's idea of translating what I can eat and what they need to avoid and not put in my dishes, it may say embarrassment and dishes coming out incorrect. And I have been given the challenge of finding some restaurants ( which I enjoy doing) that will be suitable and can cater for me. 

I am just going to soak up all the experiences I can - Jourdan also showed me her 'happy journal' ( I AM GOING TO ORDER ONE TODAY AS I NEED ONE) it was brilliant, it was set out for each day with objectives for the day so you could write 2 or 3 things, then you could make comments on the day, what problems you faced and how you coped etc. Such a good idea, so investing in one of those and taking it to Croatia to help me keep focus but also to remind me to listen to myself. Because I get so wrapped up in things I am involved in - am I doing enough? I need to do this? Are they happy? I only did 3 hours today of editing not 5. I get lost in those questions and neglect myself - and I need to remember to take 'me' time and totally switch off and be proud of what I am doing. 



So feeling fresh and ready to go.


Everything is sorted and set in place with my publisher which I can now reveal is Shield Crest UK - they are the number one online publisher, so I am super excited as I really hoped they would take my book on.  Eeeek.

If nothing is edited to much then the book will take 4-6 weeks to be published and distributed from now. However if I wish to make some bigger changes this adds on 2-3 weeks.


So I can't give you an exact time-scale at the moment. I am going to take my time and make sure it is right! Cant wait for you all to see it though and enjoying American - plant-based, allergy-free recipes.


Exciting times ahead. 



Love and Peace xo.



Shield Crest Publisher LTD.




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