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November 13, 2016

Firstly thank you for the 1500 blog hits, love to you all :). I appreciate you all visiting my blog and reading my posts, watching my videos and viewing my pictures. I am truly grateful for all your support and lets keep learning!

It's been a day of blogging, eating and waiting on Youtube.

As you can imagine it takes SO long to upload a video to Youtube and that is before the editing begins.

And with a 4 hour upload time, I will definetly not have the video up today. I know I shouldn't be up all night editing like a crazy woman ( even though I would ) I have to be reasonable with myself. 

So Matthew and I watched a movie and chilled for the afternoon - feeling a little sick from all the chocolate. It's important to spend the time with loved ones and close ones whilst we can. 


Editing can wait for the working week - start Monday off well. 

So the video will be up and ready for you all to watch fingers crossed by tomorrow evening. 


We tasted some awesome products today ( even Matthew was impressed!!) So definitely check out the video and try the products for yourselves.


I would also just like to say a BIG thank you for all the positive comments this week on my social media channel, they really do motivate me and inspire me to continue this fight. I love you all and thank you SO much for your support. Just under 5 months since I really began bloggings and doing more on social media, doing my snapshot, YouTube videos and to have gained the hundreds of followers - I am so SO grateful. As I love looking and commenting on your social media outlets too as a lot of you are doing such wonderful things for this cause too. Whether it is cooking yourselves, charity work or simply willing to learn a little more about allergies and the effects, it warms my heart and it's so lovely to see. Keep it up!



Just yesterday I had someone approach me and message me about his recent reactions around food and he wasn't sure if it was food causing him to feel this way or whether it was something else medically. 


I asked him what his reactions were and he told me he get very bad brain fog, and feels so sleepy after eating that he has to lie down. He didn't know whether it could be gluten or dairy causing this. 


From my own experiences this sounds like a reaction to gluten, if I have had too much gluten I just shut right off, I forget where I am, I need to lie down and sleep, my brain is in a total fog, of course now my throat actually begins closing up and a lump appears but there has been a number of times when I can't remember how I got somewhere or I have fallen asleep in the bath or on the bed and woken up 3 hours later completely confused.


I explained this too him and he is now going to go and get tested properly. He said he had been going to the GP for months now and they just don't know what to say or give him, as they don't understand or know what's causing it ( that is why spreading the word and gaining as much knowledge as possible is SO important. )


He currently take allergy relief when he feels this way and it does help but he really needs to see someone and find out the triggers and how bad the allergy/intolerance is.


As we all know that gluten is a sneaky one as food manufactures don't have to advertise as gluten free if the product has less than 20% gluten in it and of course this can still be harmful for people. Which is why like myself people struggle with oils, beans, sauces etc. 


So now he is going to go and get tested properly and watch out for triggers. As we don't want his reactions to get any worse. It shows how many people are affected by food allergens as he said he has never had any previous problems, always eaten what he wanted and never been bothered. 


I hope a solution is found here and thank you so much for reaching to me.


I urge anyone who thinks they also suffer from allergies but your GP is yet to work out that your reactions are linked to allergens not to wait around, go and get checked. Health shops now do it frequently - don't let the problem get worse!!




The video will be uploading all night it seems ( just moved to 5 hours ) and then I will get onto the editing tomorrow!

Thank you all again, 
Lets make this a good week and I hope you have all had a good weekend. 



And a final shout out to Matthew for his help on the video - always entertaining! Top guy, the best friend. Thank you!

Love and peace. xo



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