The Nak'd Bar Challenge - YouTube.

January 20, 2017


Hey everyone -


I know you must all think that all Matthew and I seem to do at weekends is eat. Well... that kind of is true.


It's all research, right?


It is research and I love finding new yummy products ( I want to do my top 5 for January next week on my blog or/& as a video,) but it is also fun filming and a good laugh.  I think the blindfold just adds so much to this challenge too!






Ok, so I was useless at this. I should have taken Matthew's approach of using my sense of smell as well as my taste. However Matthew was just too good at this. You can tell he is a Nak'd bar fan!

My fave flavour is definitely the carrot cake, however this is a LIMITED edition flavour ( NAK'D LETS ADD IT TO THE LINE PLEASE ) and my next fave is gingerbread however despite this being both mine and Matthew's fave we both couldn't guess it and go it wrong. Oops.

This was a fun little challenge though and just shows you the wide range that Nak'd do provide. Please be aware some of Nak'd's line aren't gluten or wheat free so please just check before purchasing.
As they have many other flavours such as banana bread.

Nak'd have also brought out a fab range of different flavoured raisins. People who know me will know I am a MASSIVE raisins fan! There lime, cherry and cola flavours are amazing. I actually think lime is my fave, however they are all SO good - so YUMMY. So I recommend you all try those!

For more challenges like these, or if you know of any foods you want me to try - please let me know!


Do you enjoy Matthew being in the videos as well ( he would like to think you do ) however let me know so we can do more challenges and fun, jokey videos together. I can't let Matthew beat me on all these challenge's I need to bring it back here!


Fancy trying Nak'd's raisins? Holland and Barrett are the only place at the moment I have seen them in, but let me know if they are available anywhere else.

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Thank you for watching - if you enjoyed, please drop us a like so I know.
Let me know your fave flavour - comment below.




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