January Faves.

January 26, 2017





Another month and more tasty foods & products. 

It's review time!!!

So here are my top 5 products that I have enjoyed most this month!

1. Holland and Barrett's sweet and spicy nut mix - containing peanuts, cashews and dried cranberries that are coated in spices and sweetness ( hello heaven ). 

2. Marks and Spencer's Yatsu Curry rice crisps! My fave Wagamama's curry in crisp food!! What are dreams made of! Seriously worth a try if you love Wagamama's. Lots of different rice crisps in this range too. It's nice to see this by M&S as they don't have an allergy or free-from range. Which is upsetting because I LOVE M&S. 

3. Gluten Free Curry Powder - maybe not as strong as normal curry powder but an extra teaspoon will definitely add a kick to your curries! This is fab if you enjoy curries. They also have a Jerk Chicken powder & a BBQ powder. I may have to try the BBQ one and cook something for Matthew and I to enjoy with it as he is big on his BBQ flavours! That will be a true test. 

4. Coconut Milk Powder - thickens sauces, soups etc. As soy yoghurts and creams tend to curdle in sauces. So this is FAB! And so helpful. 

5. Plamil coffee flavoured chocolate. Love it! It's a cinema fave to add to my pick and mix bags. I also enjoy a few cubes a night with a good old green tea with ginger. Yum! Just yesterday I used it in a cake recipe I tested for my next book! It was super yummy and worked SO well 😋 but my lips are sealed. Exciting time ahead. 





Other things I love!!!

Black sable grapes 🍇 - wow these are lush. Amazing and packed with more antioxidants than green grapes they are amazing to help fight disease over the winter months. I love my grapes frozen but simply enjoy them in their natural state ( though I do urge you to have a try a serving them frozen ) yummy!

KP salt and vinegar peanuts! I'm nuts for the salt and vinegar flavour anyway but with not being able to have many crisps ( except popchips! Which are amazing ) means my salt and vinegar cravings don't get met! So I eat ALOT of these. However number one on the list Holland and Barrett's sweet and spicy mix are also amazing!!! 

With my Holland and Barrett order on the way I simply can't wait! They have opened a new 'vegan' section to their online store with loads of new products. So February's round up should be interesting !!!

Try these products out and let me know what you think!

How do you like your grapes?!

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Love and peace 


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Feeling sluggish and rubbish when you have woken up? Get boosting up on bananas the more the better - they will help settle your stomach, boosting digestion, they are a mood enhancer, they will give you the energy you need and keep you full. Buy my book for banana receipe ideas.
Wake up every morning and ATLEAST have one glass of lemon water before doing anything else! Ideally try to drink a litre of water. The lemon wakes up your digestive system ready for the day and has great cleansing properties.
Check your dairy and meat intake - dairy can sit in your system for up to seven days unable to digest properly. Meaning other foods also get neglected and nurtients aren't absorbed properly and you feel extremely bloated. Go and smell your food bin, your stomach will be in that state. Rotting foods in your belly - hmm nice.
Bananas, Rice, Potatoes, Leafy Greens, Corn, Beans, Lentils etc PACK THEM IN GO MAD.
NEVER COUNT CALORIES - NEVER RESTRICT!! These restriction 'starvation' diets who tell you to only eat 500 calories a day then have a treat day - where you binge out and eat WAY too much, is simply messing up your metabolism and on your binge days yours body stores all the fat meaning you gain weight because it knows it is going to go back into starvation mode and needs to hold onto every little thing it can. HELLO WEIGHT GAIN. 

Life is too short not to live it to the full, making yourself happy.

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