The Bachelor Has His Pad.

January 26, 2017


Congratulations to Matthew on his new home!!

Here is the 'before' home tour video.

I am so proud of you and wish you the best memories ! 



Bless him, he is made up and I am so pleased & proud of him. I am sure he will put his stamp on it ( definitely) and I have already told him movie nights 🎥 with be happening at his not always mine now🙋🏼. Even if we do have to sit in complete darkness to make sure he keeps his electricity prices down.📬 check out this funny video.



Like, comment & subscribe & Matthew will be back on my channel at the weekend for our we seems to be becoming a weekly taste test! It should be a laugh with the products we are trying, so stayed tuned💻🖥.



I have written this poem in honour of my bestie taking this massive life step; 


Your new home - congrats,

To you we take off our hats,

You'll make it special with your own little stamp,

But I'll be popping round for movie nights still looking a tramp,

May the memories begin being formed from now,

Don't at this poem raise your eye brow,

As always I am proud of all your steps in life throughout knowing you,

You always put 120 per cent in all you do,

The house will be a credit to you,

But remember to look after yourself to,

I am always here just down the road if you need a hand,

I know my DIY'ing though you can't stand,

Cheers to the on-going years,

I am sure there will be memories filled with many laughs and some tears,

Just know I am proud,

And any problems I will come straight round,

Well done and I send you all the luck,

Don't go spending to much buck!



So head on over to my channel - and check out the video!! 

Thank you to M for his lovely tour and allowing us to see the house properly in LIGHT despite it costing him 3p. GRATEFUL!

Love and peace all xoxo


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