Pancakes & Painting! My Rice Rolls!

March 1, 2017







Matthew and I enjoyed our pancakes on Tuesday  - did you all enjoy yours? How did you top them?


Let me know.

Anyone given anything up on Ash Wednesday?


Here is a quick video showing Matthew's skills, paint progression in his new house, his pancake cooking skills ( flipping them and one hitting the ceiling ) and my attempt to make up rice rolls after my Japanese experience in Birmingham.


Although my rice did start falling out of my rolls due to over-filling and my knife not being sharp enough when cooking they did taste really delicious


I do love my Asian cuisine ( well I love most food cuisines really.) 


I bought seaweed sheets from Sainbury's Asian cuisine aisle ( you get 10 sheets in a packet ) and I cooked 1 cup of sticky Thai rice with add coconut rice milk & a squeeze of lime, then sliced my my cucumber and then you simply make up your rolls but adding  your fillings and rolling carefully. Add a splash of soy sauce at the end of the roll to help all stick together and stay in place.


Serve with soy sauce.


You could probably also try a peanut sauce if that is more up your street. This is a good meal with the seaweed being packed with protein & lots of good vitamins and your rice being a slow releasing carbohydrate. I did also have some steamed broccoli, peppers and mushrooms with my rolls with soy sauce added to them, again broccoli & mushrooms are two veggies that have a lot of protein in over others so are a top choice. 


Despite my adapt to create this dish not being photo, video or Instagram worthy ( Snapchatter's saw half of my attempt however). I am sure I will improve my Japanese cooking skills and they will be worthy of a snap soon. I really do enjoy these rolls ( I never expected too ) and will be making them again for sure. 


So watch out for the that.

Do you enjoy rice rolls?

Have you ever tried Japanese cuisine ? What do you think?




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