Haighton Manor.

March 6, 2017


For Papa's birthday, the fam clan took a trip to Haighton Manor!

What a spectacular place - WOW the outside is like a castle & the inside is beautifully done.

I did check the menu before to illuminate stress. With my migraines being bad & tiredness I knew any menu difficulties would tip me over the edge! 

Luckily they had sweet potatoe fries & sorbet!! 

Which is heaven to me when eating out! Nobody seems to do the two of these. 

So I order a side salad to start ( thinking it would be a small, boring salad- however I was so wrong! I got the biggest bowl ( a Sophie sided salad ) which I was happy about! And the ginger chuntney I pinched off Mama's plate was super yummy.

I then had sweet potatoe fries & chunky chips ( just to switch it up a little !! ). I also ordered veg not buttered just steamed. Now I did only get kale and leafy greens which made me think all their veggies were already prepped in butter so therefore I couldn't have any proper veg.

However this is the only area they really fell down on.

Then to finish - despite being SO full, I had, had my eye on the coconut sorbet throughout the whole meal.

I first had coconut sobert in a French Cafe in Vegas and I recreated it in my United Tastes Of America book. 

Not many places in England seem to serve it so to find it was rare!! So full or not I had to grasp this opportunity and I am so pleased I did. It was the best dish of the meal!

So I thank you Haighton Manor for you great service, DELICIOUS food and gorgeous atmosphere.

And of course thank you to the fam clan for another lovely night ! 

Finally happy birthday Papa for tomorrow! 

And if you get the opportunity please try Haighton Manor. 

Love and peace xoxo

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