The Farmers Arms - Great Eccleston.

May 17, 2017

The Farmers Arms at Great Ecc didn't just have a beautiful atmosphere, modern decor and friendly, helpful staff but they catered to my intolerances, along with having a very exciting menu for all to enjoy. 


They didn't just take my order though and do as I had asked but they wrote down all my intolerances to ensure that cross-contamination didn't occur! This never gets addressed when eating out. This was very comforting for me. As many times I have eaten safe foods, yet still felt unwell due to cross contamination. 

Yes there are people out there that don't eat gluten, wheat etc through choice but so many of us do become extremely ill from these products and therefore kitchens and chefs do need to be aware, pay attention and take extra care when preparing, cooking  and serving food for the customer. 


We all had a lovely evening, with delicious food. My requirements weren't made out to be any trouble at all. So there was no awkwardness or embarrassment for myself or the waitress/waiter. This makes such a difference. 


We had a relaxed, lovely night with no stress or difficulty due to my intolerances. It is extremely difficult finding restaurants who are willing to take the time, care and follow your requirements. Leading many people to avoid going out - miss out on social gathering and meet ups. This shouldn't be happening. We all deserve to enjoy social events with ease. 



So please, if you do suffer with a number of intolerances, allergens or have dietary requirements - please, try The Farmer's Arms. 


Keep spreading the word and raising awareness. Like my last post highlighted, hopefully restaurants, manufacturers, supermarkets, the food industry & the media are beginning to take note and realise the seriousness of this issue. Not the mention that it is on the rise throughout our society. They need to be on the ball and update which is why I strongly agree with more training! Chefs and waiting staff need to be educated.


Thank you - to the Farmer's Arms for an amazing evening and I am truly grateful as are my family for your hard work, catering to my requirements. 


We will be back for a visit in the future!!



Have you eaten at the Farmer's Arms? Did you enjoy your visit? Were your needs met?



If there is anywhere else you visit and receive this kind of service let me know.

Love and peace 



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