Next Stage: More Bloods To Go To Germany. Armin Labs.

May 23, 2017

Armin Labs!


These labs are literally life saving. Without them I wouldn't be able to get my testing done  and know what viruses I need to fight and are attacking me. 

For so many years I have been battling an unknown enemy. Armin are up to date with the latest tests for all kinds of viruses. 


However, it shouldn't be the case that we have to go abroad or have blood kits sent to us using Fed Ex to send them back to get the tests and results we NEED in order to receive treatment, be believed and know what we are suffering from. 


Just yesterday it was brought to my attention that some clinics in the U.K. won't now treat children for Lyme. Leaving people to have to raise thousands of pounds or simply pay out thousands to go aboard for tests and treatment.


We should & deserve to have the necessary tests and treatment right here in the U.K. 


Especially children - they are one of the groups that are more exposed to ticks due to them playing outside in summer, falling over in the grass, picnics etc. 


This is why awareness is so important. 


Thank god for the Germans.

There are also labs in Finland & Norway who are up to date with viral infection tests. However, looking at how large the European Union is and the fact Lyme affects 80 countries, in every continent except 1. And there are 3 countries out of the whole of Europe who have the lastest tests! Then even if you get tests done abroad some doctors here don't accept them, and dismiss them. 

We don't have time to be dismissed and ignored. 

It's also unfair on us & our families with all the trauma we have to go through just to get the tests and treatment. 

We already have the stress of being ill / caring for a loved one who is suffering. We go to the doctors and hospitals hoping to receive help and advice. NOT to be told we are crazy or just look at us and refer us to anywhere else, not examining us properly just wanting us out of the door.


Health professionals NEED to know the dangers of Lyme disease being left untreated.


It is not just a bacterial infection!



It kills. 


So, today. Is blood's day again - I feel like a pin cushion. However I am so lucky to be able to be having these bloods because this test only came out last Sunday. It will allow me to know if anymore nasties are attacking me and if I have anymore strains of Borrelia ( Lyme ) attacking me. 


So I am grateful for today. 


It's going to be a busy week.. 


Once today and the bloods are done it's time to  up my medications. Which will more than likely cause a herx reaction ( heightened symptoms), we then have the bank holiday where I want and hope to be able to get out and about-  see all your beautiful faces, to then go down south for 5 days on a IV antibiotic drip. The Lyme ( Borellia) are attacking my joints and the only way to stop them reproducing and attacking my joints further is through antibiotics. I really, really hoped that I would be able to tackle this without antibiotics due to the risks. However, it could be the best thing I do. 

I just have to try & be open to everything. 

Despite at first making me feel worse. But being drained by the antibiotics and a herx reaction I could be weak! But I...


I want me back. 


I am scared, so scared. We have to face our fears though. 



Accept the pain and fight on!


If my blogs become less frequent ( especially next week if I am in hospital I may not be able to blog ) but I will try and keep you up to date with the journey.  Please just respect that some days due to headaches, pain and brain fog blogs are hard to do for me. It takes me hours to create my blogs because I want them to be good and for you all to enjoy them. Of course. 


It warms my heart when I have positive feedback from you on my blogs, saying you love them and enjoy them.


That is my main mission that you look forward to my blogs and learn something from them. I am so grateful for your support it means the world 🌎!!!



Let's roll on with a busy day - let's hit Manchester, give my blood and pray for results that can be helpful to me. 



Thank you Armin Labs, for being so easy to deal with and get the blood kits quickly and well packed for us. 

If you need tests please email Armin! Get the tests done - it could save you so much suffering. 

I don't want any of you to go through the pain I am going through. 


Have any of you had treatment or testing abroad? Let me know!


Don't put it off or listen to your doctor telling you, you are crazy! You aren't ! Any questions please reach out. 

My picture shows the birds 🐦 pecking - trying to speak out, be heard, be noticed  & create awareness for Lyme. In Germany where the bloods will be tested. The birds look down in envy of the people dancing, drinking - living life. And the clock is lime green to show that treatment takes time. It's a long road but this is overwhelming for us all. But that goodness for Germany and their testing system. 

Saving lives! 

I have visited Germany - Berlin a few years ago and loved it. So much to see. I would love once I am better to re-visit. As their country is becoming part of my healing journey. 




Let's go warriors 💪🏼. 


Love and peace 



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