Morrisons Amazing Advert & Free From Foods.

May 23, 2017



One of our biggest supermarkets in the U.K really do lead the way when it comes to catering for intolerances and food allergies. 


It's Food Allergy Awareness Month and Morrisons have recognised this and have created a wonderful, touching advert. 


Morrison's Free From Ad.  

Here is the link - I hope you can watch it for yourselves. If you are unable to access it through this blog then open up YouTube and simply type Morrison's Free From Advert. You will find it at the top of the list. 


Food intolerances and allergies can make you feel extremely lonely and very left out. Morrisons show that their range is catering to as many dietary requirements as possible, with an amazing range they continue to expand. Their advert shows how it's not just about the person who suffers with the intolerances and allergies but it's about family and friends too. Having a great range of foods allows it to be easier for them to cater for their loved ones. Enabling them to be able to host and prepare their foods with ease - the stress being removed for both parties.

They don't have to bring a 'packed dinner' and eat separately to everyone else and they don't have to miss out on the foods everyone else is enjoying. Which is a massive thing for someone with intolerances & allergies. We do miss the good stuff you know!


The advert shows how easy it is to incorporate these Free From foods into any diet, event, dinner party and meals. As you see everyone enjoying them. Which again a massive plus because you don't look the 'fussy' one or have to eat differently to everyone. On the advert the host simply puts the free from foods on different colour plates. Not making a big fuss or drawing attention to them being different. This is an easy thing to do in any entertaining atmosphere. The little boy then knew he had a selection from anything on the green plates. His face says it all. He goes up to the host asking what he can eat and being told he had most of the table to pick from, well his face lights up and he digs in! Also showing everyone else trying the Free From foods and not noticing the difference / drawing attention to the difference.


I just simply love this advert.

It shows how being open minded and companies really taking the time to cater to dietary requirements makes all and so much difference to the lives of people who are affected. 


With this issue growing among society more companies, supermarkets and restaurants need to look at Morrisons hard work and commit and take note. 


I love shopping at Morrisons - every time I go Mama and I always say, 'we don't need much today!' Yet we end up spending an hour and end up with a trolley full!  I nearly always end up picking up a new product to try as well. Their range is just simply great. I know in most stores now they always have a separate Free From section easy to find and well set out so you can find something that really excites you and you want to try. 


They stock products from;

Nak'd, Lazy Days, Alpro, Be Free, Natures Path, Goodie Good Stuff and so much more. 


So head down to Morrisons and load that trolley up. Let me know any new products you try or what you enjoy most. 


Thank you for reading.


Have a blessed day,

Love and peace 




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