The End Of Food Allergy Awareness Month. May's Top Picks.

May 26, 2017

Another month passes by. How time flies. 


It's been a busy month with so much going on. Many positives have come from all the awareness that has been raised throughout May in regards to food allergies. 


To round up the month we have seen;

-Booths expand their Free From range & aisles. Adding posters and promoting this in and outside of their stores. 

-Morrisons created the beautiful and touchy 'belonging' advert ! Encouraging inclusion of Free From food into dinner parties, family events and cooking to help make life easier for the hosts and the guests to all enjoy life and yummy food. Show casing their devotion to the issue and their ever expanding range. 

-Nak'd brought out a new range of Posh Bits we are insane, love them.

-I have had some amazing restaurant experiences with them actually following my requirements and not making an issue out of them. 

-There is an ever-growing Free From market with big companies such as Warbaton's trying to make gluten & wheat free bread. 


And lots more.

The biggest plus is supermarkets really stepping up their game. If they can provide more then food shopping will become far less stressful but also people who don't suffer with intolerances and allergies may find foods they also enjoy making family cooking easier for all. 


It isn't just about the individual, these kind of illnesses affect the friends and family members too. 


Let's hope this is the beginning of a domino effect and that restaurants will now follow the supermarkets in being more accommodating! Taking more care in their food prep, having fresh products in, be willing to boil and steam foods, have a larger menu with adaptable dishes and not cause embarrassment. 


Here are the foods & products I have been enjoying this month and that I encourage you to try:


1. Nak'd Cocoa Mandarin Posh Bits - these are fab! I have tried all three flavours in the range now, sea salt, raspberry and mandarin. They are all delicious. However if you enjoy more of a fruity chocolate then raspberry is a good choice, a Terry's chocolate orange fan? I encourage you to try the mandarin. If you are a classic chocolate chick the sea salt is a top pic. My faves? I can't decide between the raspberry and mandarin. So, so yummy! Prefer these 'bits' over the bars. 


2. Vegan Egg - Not the biggest egg lover in general. I first bought this product in hope it would help with my baking, help muffins and cakes rise. In regards to this they didn't work. However, got that omelette feeling? Then these are great. 2 Tbsps of powder to 115ml of water - mix and that equals one egg! The product contains 'six eggs'. Add your veggies, dairy free cheese and you have an omelette . Not quite as good as the real deal but you definitely get the omelette taste! Worth a try!


3. Apricot Crunch Nak'd Bar - I love apricots and when I saw this new product advertised on Holland and Barrett I knew I had to try! This bar is super yummy! If you enjoy dried apricots you will enjoy this bar. The seeds and nuts just adding that crunch and packs in flavour. 



4. Beanies Irish Coffee - I can't enjoy Bailey's anymore. However I love my coffee and just getting a hint of that Irish cream flavour coming through, helps simmer those cravings. 


5. Gin Gin's Hot Coffee Ginger Sweets - Lovely chew sweets to accompany a coffee and the ginger spice just gives you that warm feelings. 



6. Chocolate Stevia Drops - stevia is known for its amazing healing properties as I have expressed in previous posts. 

And with the chocolate flavour, these drops just liven in coffee, baked goods and smoothies. There are a number of flavours to try so give them a go!! 




Have you come across any yummy new products this month?


Any further awareness in your local area being done for food allergy awareness?


Reach out and share your own stories.



Get trying these products and let me know what you think of them. 



Enjoy a lovely bank holiday weekend!


Love and Peace






Keep spreading awareness!! 




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