Rolling Around Paris.

June 17, 2017




I fell head over heels 👠 in love with Paris back when I was just 17 years old. So a frightening six years ago. I vowed I would return within a couple of years. 




Time always runs away from us and I never did get back as quickly as I had first planned. 


Now though, is the time. 


I was given the opportunity to return and wasn't willing to give it up for anything. However this was all organised and booked before my diagnosis of Lyme, my treatment beginning and my pain being unpredictable. 


Though- thanks to Mama we are working around these issues and adapting. 

Getting a wheelchair to roll round Paris rather than walking.

Of course I love and enjoy walking but experiencing, travelling, exploring and well LIVING is more important to me than walking so this is the compromise.  


Never did I ever think we would reach this point - but this is life isn't it, unpredictable. We are given the choice to snap and give up or rock what you have and work with the cards you are dealt. I hope you all agree this is me trying to do the latter. Making the most of what I can use and do.


It has been so stressful preparing for this trip. Fellow chronic illness & especially Lyme sufferers will feel me here, but packing all my medications into daily bags, packing up food to get restaurants to cook because I can't afford to be sick! Packing snacks, pain relief, sourcing a wheelchair, comfy but still stylish clothes, clothes that are easy to get on - pull on so not stressing my arms and planning to ensure we see everything we want to but also that I am not the cause of others missing out. 

Despite the stress of the preparations, I know come tonight when all is packed nothing more can be done! I will breathe and get excited. 

Once on that plane ✈️- the fact that I am not feeling my best will melt away, I am nearly in tears writing this but I will just be so thrilled to be travelling and exploring. Still getting a shot at life. One of my favourite, favourite hobbies that really does complete my life is travelling. After a few tough months with treatment, hospital appointments, in and out of hospital, herx reactions, losing further hobbies and diagnosises. This is exactly what I need to remind me why everyday I fight and fight for life. 


Sometimes it puts you at ease too when your family ( especially my Mum ) get a little excited about pushing you around. Even if she is secretly thinks what a pain and extra weight a wheelchair is, the fact she can joke about it and again bring out the positives - puts me a ease and helps to eliminate some of the guilt of the extra strain yet again I am putting on them. My dearest Papa is also happy has now he has a bag holder ( over my handlebars ) which means he can purchase more books. His travel little thing. All this does really put me at ease and allows me to accept the situtation better. There is no price on this kind of support - I am truly thankful and so lucky. 


Let's hope Paris works its magical charm on us and works a miracle; letting me know I will get well soon so I can return quicker next time.


Stay strong angels. 

Rock at life regardless. 

Vote life! 



Love and peace,







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