Some Weekend Reads & Watch's.

July 15, 2017

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend. 


I was lucky enough to kick start my weekend perfectly last night, enjoying drinks, funny conversations and of course a bucket load of laughs to really cheer me up. 

When you have Mama and Jacob together you know the night will be an unpredictable, funny one. Those two together, always cheering eachother on to cause trouble. Embarrassing but extremely entertaining. They make the night. 


How truly I lucky I am to have them. 💫 

Thank you all who came last night - Jacob, Mama, Papa, Ellie & Adele! You gave me the dose of medicine I needed.

I am so lucky that my parents enjoying hanging out with my friends & vice versa. It's the best hanging out with both clans. The laughs we share and the memories we create are the best. So thankful. 



There are a few programmes and media reads that may take your interest & which you may want to look at / watch whilst the weather is miserable. 


1. Channel 5; The Story Of Barbara Windsor.

Brushes over Barbara's struggle from the Epstein Barr virus ( glandular fever ). She found herself having to leave Eastenders and bedridden for two years. Before returning to Eastenders but only working as little as possible for the following four years before she was feeling back to her normal self.


2. New! Magazine pages 62-63. 

Is an article on a woman called Lindsay who suffers with Lyme and co-infections. All about the horrible struggles she has fought through over the years. How the viruses effected her body, life and relationships. Please take a read. It's really eye opening and great for raising awareness as sufferers find comfort in knowing their symptoms aren't them going crazy and for the public to understand how awful this disease is and how we must stay smart to the facts, treatments, body checks and testing. 


3. What The Health on Netflix. 

Explores the benefits of eating a more plant-based diet to help & prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Along with shocking facts about health companies behind the scenes dealings, Government involvement and general health advice. Showing real life stories of people chronically unwell with diabetes and so on making massive improvements by adapting more of a plant-based lifestyle and cutting down on the processed goods that were filling their bodies with excess toxins it couldn't handle. 



We all deserve to live life to the fullest, experience happiness, create amazing memories and have the best bill of health possible. 


Knowledge is always power and although sometimes we can feel bombarded by the media with the latest crazes and 'fads' etc. We are unfortunately surrounded by a society that has growing health issues. We all know someone who is effected by chronic illness/disease or diet related health issues. They are subjects we all need to be clued up on to help protect ourselves and our loved ones the best we can. As well as helping people already suffering in the best ways possible.


Thank you for taking a read. 

This is just a quick post my main daily post will be with you later today.



Have a wonderful weekend. 






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Feeling sluggish and rubbish when you have woken up? Get boosting up on bananas the more the better - they will help settle your stomach, boosting digestion, they are a mood enhancer, they will give you the energy you need and keep you full. Buy my book for banana receipe ideas.
Wake up every morning and ATLEAST have one glass of lemon water before doing anything else! Ideally try to drink a litre of water. The lemon wakes up your digestive system ready for the day and has great cleansing properties.
Check your dairy and meat intake - dairy can sit in your system for up to seven days unable to digest properly. Meaning other foods also get neglected and nurtients aren't absorbed properly and you feel extremely bloated. Go and smell your food bin, your stomach will be in that state. Rotting foods in your belly - hmm nice.
Bananas, Rice, Potatoes, Leafy Greens, Corn, Beans, Lentils etc PACK THEM IN GO MAD.
NEVER COUNT CALORIES - NEVER RESTRICT!! These restriction 'starvation' diets who tell you to only eat 500 calories a day then have a treat day - where you binge out and eat WAY too much, is simply messing up your metabolism and on your binge days yours body stores all the fat meaning you gain weight because it knows it is going to go back into starvation mode and needs to hold onto every little thing it can. HELLO WEIGHT GAIN. 

Life is too short not to live it to the full, making yourself happy.

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