Making Waves With The MP's.

August 7, 2017

Writing to my local MP a few weeks ago I have today received a very detailed and positive reply.


I wrote to Ben Wallace, welcoming & inviting him to our residents BBQ on Saturday to help support Lyme disease awareness. Unfortunately he is tied up in Parliament but said he would rather have been supporting our cause and enjoying a burger. 


I was impressed with the detailed and positive response I did receive - I didn't expect it at all. Of course it would have been lovely to have Mr Wallace support the BBQ and be present on Saturday, however the research he has taken time to do on Lyme has really impressed me.


Despite still going off NHS estimates of 2,000-3,000 new cases of the Lyme a year in England and Wales when the figure is more 45,000. He has ensured me that the department of health are very much aware of the threat Lyme is fast becoming. The (PHE) Public Health England are according to Mr Wallace currently undergoing research into transmission and treatments which they will hopefully be publishing towards the end of 2017. The PHE also are beginning to understand that awareness, more posters and education is needed on Lyme, staying protected, alert, aware and how to care for bites. 


Mr Wallace agrees with me that GP's and people within the medical industry need further education on Lyme and that the studying on subject of Lyme should be more intense with more time allocated to it. 

This in itself is a breathe of fresh air!


As SO, SO many of us are told we are crazy my our GP's because they believe Lyme does not exist and/or lack knowledge on Lyme to be able to accept & diagnosis it. He assured me the PHE know and understand all these facts and will be ensuring the medical students, local GP's and the medical industry do receive more and further education to keep up to date with this ever-growing threat.


He has told me he will be monitoring Lyme's process through Parliament and will keep me up to date. He wants to help all he can and thanked me for taking the time to share my story with him. 


I am so truly grateful to him for taking the time not only to write back to me but do all the background research he has done. It gives me faith that we do indeed have his support and he is willing to help. 


As they say - actions speak louder than words.


For more Government information on Lyme please visit GOV.UK . 



Again I must thank Mr Wallace for his hard work and I hope we can carry on fighting in partnership. 


Like I always say, the louder we speak the harder we are to ignore and silence. This message, our stories and Lyme need to be heard to help others and further generations. 


A positive start to the week. 







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