Loneliness - Sunday Poetry.

August 12, 2017




Loneliness haunts you,

When you are feeling blue,

I look to you,

Though you don't understand what I am going through,


The pain that radiates through your whole body,

Feeling like a nobody,

You have hit rock bottom but try to smile,

Why aren't you better you have been sick for a while?


The face you see,

You can stare at me,

What do you see,

Can you see the pain in me?


Go out and enjoy,

I don't want to take your joy,

I do have feelings too,

I have always cared for you,


Please try to be there when I need you,

You don't have to stick to me like glue,

A friendly face,

The company I want to embrace,


Behind the walls,

We all have flaws,

The darkness helps us rot away,

Everyday somehow I get up and fight in my own way,


This game we are forced to play,

Deal with it better you might say,

You sit alone,

Your body I wish I could clone,


To go out and live the life I dreamed,

Fate had other ideas it seemed, 

In the crowd,

Life myself I would surround, 


Watch the clock as it ticks,

Infront of my eyes away my life flicks, 

The years you have lost to pain,

The immense family strain,



Now I must sit and feel,

A fact which is hard to deal,

My pain is real,

A tick my life it did steal, 


I want to live as much as I can,

Life - I am not it's biggest fan,

We don't know what it has in store,

It's short so go out and explore,


Bedridden is no fun,

You don't get to see that summer sun, 

Whilst you watch others forget you,

Soaking up the sun all summer through,


The care I would give,

Ignorance I can never forgive, 

I would be here with you,

The whole storm through, 


The hurt eats away at your soul,

Taking its toll,

Dealing with more than you can take on,

All effort has gone,


You wonder if you will die,

People wonder why you cry,

My body is attacking itself from the inside out, 

Too scary to think about,


So yes I get low, 

I am often slow,

Your care,

The love you share,


My motivation to stay strong, 

The road so long,

I want to curl up in a ball,

Sleep through it all,


 I use my pain to drive me to help where I can,

I can't become lazy and allow my hard work to go down the pan,

To save others from this hell,

In the end having a story to tell,


Be a friend,

As to you my hand I would lend,

We don't know when it will end,

Please me defend,


I may be a bore,

Life I still love to explore,

In time I will be able to give more,

Right now I am not sure what is in store,


In time,

In my prime,

Don't come looking for me,

If right now you don't care to know me,


Thick and thin,

The war I will win, 

Travel with me,

However long that may be.








The girl swings back and forth. Like her treatment and health. She never knows if she will move forward or will swing back. But she wants to feel free and takes chances. The doves that surround her are the love she feels from the ones she loves. The colours in their wings the positivity and kindness that cheers her up. The flowers continue to grow around her and on the trees because through it all she continues to blossom. The poppies lie beneath her from the parts of herself she has lost in the battles she has fought and continues to fight for years. Xo


I hope you have enjoyed this blog!


It has come from the heart ❤️.


I hope you all enjoyed a blessed weekend.




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Life is too short not to live it to the full, making yourself happy.

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