To Me, I Miss Who You Used To Be- Poem

October 13, 2017


To Me. 



To me,

I miss who you used to be,

The giggles that got you in trouble everyday,

Always something to laugh at in some way,


No pain,

No rain,

The world in my hands,

Swimming against any waves without armbands,


My body bounced back,

Never giving me flack,

Always jumping for joy,

Swimming my one love that brought my life so much joy,


Travelling and venturing out,

Learning what life was really all about,

All types of foods to try,

Too much choice at times that is no word of a lie,


Days out a breeze,

All nighters partied out with ease,

At my muscles you would tease, 

A body I wish I could freeze,


A body so strong,

The goal I fought for, for so long,


Never again in the pool to be number one,


Lost in the woods that surround me,

The light I am unable to see,

Where is the me?

I knew and worked so hard to be,


I miss you,

I miss all you used to do,

The battles were tough but always won,

Now the real war has begun, 


My body a foe no longer a friend,

It’s support to me it no longer wants to lend,

The pain,

Takes over your brain,


From joy to pure sad feelings,

Wounds left open unable to take on the progress of healing, 

A shell,

I am lost can you tell?


The smile,

A real one? It’s been a while, 

Fragile but try to act strong,

Rocking myself to sleep with a positive song,


I am stronger than this hell of a disease,

I should be able to conquer this with ease,

Life - I can’t even live normally like expected,

From the world I feel rejected,


My heart hurts with pain,

Give up is all I hear from my brain,

I have had to train,

My body and soul to manage the strain,


Judge me,

If you can’t clearly see,

How hard this is for me,

Maybe you would rethink how you are with me, 


I miss you dear Sophie, the soul you were,

The fun girl,

That had successes to talk,

That proudly could walk,


The travel fun,

The times in the sun,

Made you interesting company to be around,

Now, me you no longer surround, 


Now I hide away,

Trying to keep my pain at bay,

Hoping nobody will judge me in anyway,

Simply just making it through the day,


Time it’s just time you say,

To time and faith I pray every day, 

That one day I will wake up and the hell has come to an end,

Maybe then you will want to be my friend,


To me,

I miss the girl I used to be,

Happy and free,

Someone I fought to be, 


I will win,

In the end I will win,

Above it all,

I will rise from the fall,

To once again stand tall. 










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