Poetry - One Man.

November 17, 2017


One man for himself on this battle land,

Dizzy as you stand,

A one man band,

Are you lending me your hand,


Brave face,

They want you to fall from grace,

This life lesson you try your best to embrace,

Where is the finish to this race,


Ignorance is bliss,

What did I miss,

I am invisible so me you dismiss,

Laugh at me and hiss, 


As a zombie 🧟‍♀️ I walk,

Over me you talk,

Trying to find my voice to talk,

Continuing down the path I try to walk,


Day after day,

I manage to see it through in some way, 

My pain I cannot deal with in any way,

It is on constant replay,


By the rules you play,

From the move forward you never delay,

Oh not another day,

For things to unfold as if they are on replay,


Everyone else’s voices are heard and noted down,

Yet you are just faced with a frown,

Who is the odd ball in town,

Let’s not address her feelings or write them down,


My pain,

The endless rain,

In my face you can see the strain,

From crying out in anger and pain I restrain,


No end in sight,

I don’t see any light,

I live alone in the dark of the night,

People see me but pretend I am not within their sight, 


Radiating heat,

Burning hands and feet,

With kindness - everyone you greet,

Dizzy - you best sit down and take a seat,


You miss home dearly,

You try to be cheery,

You offer kindness to others sincerely,

Them not understanding any part of you clearly,


Questioned time after time,

Waiting for the clock to chime,

Finally a mealtime,

Though we get fed it is a silent awkward time,


How horrible it is to live in an alien land,

Tall you try to stand,

You are in sinking sand,

You body can’t take the demand,


You have a choice to sink or to swim, 

The water your head does trim,

Having to recharge your body’s positivity to the brim, 

Another day- how grim, 


Friends and family come and go,

You try not to seem to low,

The loneliness goes slow, 

Hoping your inner strength continues to grow,


The walking dead,

But it’s all in your head,

The next day I dread,

Laying in pain in bed,


Another day,

You will rise with the sun for the day,

Another game to play,

This day you must fight and slay.





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