24 Things I Learnt In The Past Year.

January 11, 2018


It’s been a hell of a year, in more ways than one. 


It’s been a bumpy road with lots of ups and some very deep lows.


We must make the negatives into positives and look back at the things we learnt.


1. I was diagnosed with Lyme along with co-infections: years of going from doctor to doctor slowly getting worse with no relief. I finally had an answer to my symtoms. 


2. I learnt how strong I really am: my professor was shocked that I was even sat in front of him. For me daily functions are a given and a must. I know it’s tough for me and I struggle but I don’t take into account how much I really do push myself. 


3. True friends: people come and go through our lives but true friends are always there. 


4. I’m not superwoman: nobody is! 


5. Rest is a must: it’s not being lazy, it’s recovering.


6. Pick my battles wisely: don’t use energy where it’s not needed. Then I can enjoy the things that matter far more.


7. Listen to my body: don’t ignore signals and signs.


8. Knowledge: I gained so much knowledge this year. All about my illness, my viruses and nutritional help. 


9. Help others: I often feel useless ( the majority of the time I am ). But I can spend time giving advice and spreading love. It gives me a purpose and even if I can’t make myself smile I can hopefully help others smile. 


10. Perfection isn’t reality: It an unhealthy and unrealistic goal.


11. Life never goes to plan: I had so many hopes and dreams for 2017, many weren’t lived out because fate had another path for me to walk on. Though I enjoyed many other suprises instead- being in magazines, published posts world wide, meeting my MP. I should be thankful for the amazing unexpected successes.


12. People will make a choice to be in or out of your life: you can’t change the situtation you are in. Your friends and family make the choice themselves to be supportive or walk away. 


13. What will be will be: it often feels like the world is falling apart when you go through struggles and heart ache but the world keep turning and time moves on. Sometimes things fall apart so better things can fall together. 


14. Law of attraction is key to a healthy peace of mind: it helps you live a more positive life.


15. Being productive doesn’t mean running around: working from home is always being productive. 


16. A home is wherever you are: it’s fair to say I have hardly been at home this year. In and out of hospitals, trips & moving back to my Mum’s . I find it hard and upsetting moving around all the time. Getting comfortable with my truck load of pillows, med’s and so on. It’s an nightmare to move myself. So once settled I want to stay exactly where I am. I need to learn to stop getting attached.


17. Holding on: I hold on to things. I don’t even know why because the clutter and fuss stresses me out. But with my weight yo-yo’ing I have clothes I want to wear but don’t fit me. I have colouring I haven’t managed to get round to, I have travel bits and pieces and memories I cling to because I miss my life. I tell myself I will need them because I want so badly to be back to those clothes, hobbies etc. When in reality having all these things around me are harming my mental health. Surrounding myself with things I may never get back. I am trying to practise acceptance of my situation. This just goes against this work.



18. Be a person people remember: I am invisible in many ways. I’m not the most stunning person in the room, I’m not the live and soul of the party, I am not a clubber etc. But I hope my heart shines and leaves a trace. 


19. My Mum is my soulmate: she knows me better than I know myself and I wouldn’t be able to fight without her.


20. My friends and family give me a purpose: they are the reason I continue to fight everyday. They bring life and happiness to my life. To them I am always so grateful. 


21. I am me.. I can’t change that. 


22. Judgments should be ingnored: everyone will always have a thought or say what they think about the situtation. They are welcome to their own opinions. But it’s best to brush them off and ignore them. You stay true to you.


23. Fear is stupid: fear stops us from doing what we want and chasing dreams. I fear many things, yet I don’t know why. Because I will always find the strength to fight or deal with anything I need to. Deep down I know that.


24. I don’t fear death: I have felt close to death so many times that I don’t fear it anymore. Fate will decide how long I get on this Earth. It’s more important to focus on making an impact whilst I am still here, rather than watching the clock tick on and fear when the time may be up. Time is precious use it wisely. 



We all learn lessons everyday. It’s important to keep learning to help us progress and grow as people. Lessons are the positive way of seeing failures.. 


So write your lessons down and see if you can turn the tables and see them as positives. Build from them. 


Love and peace,



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