Lyme Stages

January 23, 2018

Lyme is a complex, largely unknown and sneaky disease that can go years before being recognised and diagnosed. 

What to look out for & what to expect through the stages of the disease is the big question!


People understand that diseases & chronic illnesses have stages like cancer. They don’t see Lyme as one of those illnesses. We are told by health professionals and the media that Lyme is a bacterial infection that can be treated with two weeks of antibiotics. 

This is true - it is a bacterial infection and it can be treated with antibiotics. Though the main fact is left out! This only applies for the first month after being infected with the disease. After that antibiotics may slow the reproduction of the bacteria and their growth but they are now prime hosts in your body. 

Your body is no longer under your control. 


At this stage we are called crazy and dismissed as our health declines so does our mental health.


It’s important to understand the stages and educate ourselves the best we can, so we can at least live as much as we can. 


Over the last few months I’ve made major chances in my diet. Which has made massive, successful improvements on my outer shell but my inner shell is a complete war zone.

I am proud & pleased with my advancements but I’ve had months of family telling me that once my weight improved, I’d improve. 

This hasn’t been the case, nobody can argue that it isn’t the case. I can’t change & alter my bloods and unfortunately they show all the sins and battles my body is fighting and dealing with. This is very hard hitting on the mood. How much more can you take and how can you understand - figure out what’s going on?


Last week my white blood cells dropped to 2.6 and my neutrophils were down to 1.25. 


This has really knocked me, I have spent a lot of time doing as much research as I could to figure out what is going on.


Through my alterations to my diet I have been testing my body with foods I know I am intolerant to. I have spoken openly about my symptoms matching those of mast cell activation syndrome. When the Lyme bacteria have changed my cells so much that the things ( chemicals, materials and foods ) I am intolerant only cause more problems and worse symptoms flare ups when brought into contact with. The body doesn’t and no longer knows how to use its ‘histamine’ mechanisms correctly, so attacks ‘toxins’ that aren’t really toxins and fail to attack actual toxins (infections ). 


With my white blood cells decreasing and my monocytes, lythocytes and neutrophils always decreasing, these are the cells that control bone marrow. Bone marrow is extremely important!


They are used by the white blood cells to fight infection, the red blood cells to carry oxygen and platlets to clot your blood. They are vital to your immune system. The Lyme knows this!

Low bone marrow can signal the begin of arthritis and is very common in patients suffering with mast cell activation syndrome because the immune system is so overwhelmed fighting extra toxins.


That may answer why my joint pain as increased dramatically and of course my bloods have suffered a decline across the board. 


It also could signal the latter and final stages of Lyme. Stage 3 - late stage Lyme. Like you will see below, a lot of my symptoms mirror the ones the medi-link have created into a chart.



Stage 1 - early stage Lyme:

- rash ( a bullseye rash )

- fever 

- flu like symptoms

- fatigue 

- muscle pains


Stage 2- later stage Lyme:

- joint pain

- nerve pain

- facial weakness

- light & sound sensitivity 

- memory loss

- dizziness 

- gastro issues

-heart palpitations 


Stage 3: chronic Lyme:

- chronic arthritis 

- burning & tingling sensation 

- blurred vision 

- extreme weakness

- throat & respiratory problems 


I may be way off thinking my bone marrow is linked in the ways I expressed above. 


But we know .. 

as the body continues its assault on the Lyme bacteria – sending immune cells to fight the now-disguised organism – this immune response wreaks havoc in places throughout the body such as the skin, brain, nerves and joints. Because the bacterium continues to shift its “appearance” by changing its outer-cell-wall proteins, it continues to evade the immune system. Yet the attack has already begun, as the immune system continues to send neutrophils, monocytes, dendritic cells and macrophages to fight the invader. Unfortunately, these immune cells aren’t successful at killing the infection. Instead, the toxic compounds they release in the fight cause inflammation everywhere in the body and damage tissues in essentially every organ in the body. 


Pain, pain, pain!!!!!


I have expressed my upset over feeling like losing my mind. Maybe I am just tired or in a lot of pain.. or maybe I really am. 


Lyme in the Brain...

While immune system is attacking the body with toxin-releasing immune cells, the brain also can be under attack. The immune system in the brain is different form the rest of the body, and consists of cells such as astrocytes and microglia, cells that are not very effective at recognizing and eliminating infections. And, like the toxic compounds released throughout the rest of the body, the brain’s unique “immune system” releases substances that can do damage. But in the brain, rather than causing inflammation, these substances are directly or indirectly toxic to nerves. And, like the attack going on in the rest of the body, these cells continue to ineffectively fight a cloaked organism, damaging the brain while allowing the infection to continue. 



Who knows what really is going on. The bottom line is nobody truly knows, every case is different. We all suffer with different co-infections and everyone’s body is different and the bacteria adapts to its surroundings so who really has the definitive answer at this point.


A fab piece written by the Huffington Post back in June 2017, explains Mast Cell Activation Syndrome & Lyme. 


Mast Cell  


Please take a read.


For now it’s important to be familiar with the signs and symptoms and seek medical advise when necessary. Unfortunately we have to do a lot of our own research and bring the questions to the doctors to get anywhere in this fight.


Afterall- knowledge is power. 










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