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February 7, 2018


Saint Or A Sinner


Life let us define,

My success and my failures are all mine,

Sit- together we can dine,

Don’t dull my sparkle- I will continue to shine,


I read history you see,

It holds the key,

For me we learn from the stories that fill the page,

We all grow stronger and wiser with age,


My pain,

Makes me go insane,

I cry at night,

Out of sight,


The morning’s are a huge debate,

I won’t surrender to a failing fate,

My body frozen heavy and stiff, 

Thinking about nothing more than diving off a cliff,


Life in itself is a story we bury deep,

Digging up secrets that others keep,

Failure and pain haunt your sleep,

Nobody can hear your dying weep,


We learn at school how life can be,

Disney selling us a life full on fairytales and one that will set you free,

Far from reality but bought by so many -chasing,

My life so deeply I have tried accepting and embracing,


I watch through a screen, 

On an arm I must lean,

A life I don’t own anymore,

How much more to endure, 


I learn and I write,

I keep out of sight,

Tears can stain my face,

Often at a fast pace,




Trapped in a chamber with no key in sight,

Lifting my body with all my might,

True stories I read and I watch to be armed,

Don’t be alarmed,


I hope to be an ambassador of some kind,

Everyday I fight so hard against my body and mind,

I lose my way,

With words some say,


Talking gets harder maybe one day it will silence me,

I can’t have my hands and mind fail me,

The pen holds my story that needs to be told, 

Of a girl’s heart you wish to hold, 


A disease greater than many the world has seen,

Exposure soon will hopefully brace your screen, 

I always pushed for a harder task,

Now I have one which hides behind a mask,


The sadness pains me day by day,

You’ll look at me and tell me I look better in every way,

My life so much I have missed but so much I have gained,

Never have I ever been so drained,


The doctors call me crazy,

Seen by many as lazy,

I am not the norm nor would I want to be,

I fight not just for me but for you all - see, 


My life is a puzzle waiting to create the masterpiece in the end,

Would you take on the mission my friend,

Waiting rooms are my home,

The hospital corridors I regularly roam, 


I spend my days campaigning for change, 

Seen as the girl with symptoms so very strange, 

Letter after letter flutter in the wind far away, 

I will win in the end one day,


My life is my story and my mission,

From you I don’t need permission,

I am no Saint or a sinner,

One thing you can call me is a winner. 






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