Doctor, Doctor.

February 15, 2018



Sitting in the doctors every week is endlessly. I sit and watch people nervously wait and get annoyed at the wait time. 


It’s always full and the system is forever been tested in more ways than one. 


I see pain from the patients, I see nurses and doctors struggling to except the system they have to obey and work with guidelines of which they have been taught. We forget that everyone is unique and require different care and different levels of care. We don’t all fit within the guidelines. 


I watch channel 5’s GP’s behind closed doors. It’s very eye opening into patient’s distress and the challenges GP’s face daily without much support. 


Without this support they rely souly on medical guidelines, textbooks and pharmaceuticals to solve their problems. The waiting room is always full of people, yet approximately only 2 out of 10 people walk out of the door without going to the pharmacy. I’ve watched and I have seen the programme. Patients come in with several different problems, all unique in their own ways. Yet the doctors, under strict time and are strongly influenced by pharmaceutical companies to push their drug always seem to end up writing out a prescription for antibiotics or strong pain killers. We have all seen in the media recently the case of one of our most adored TV personality - Ant McPartlin and his struggle with pain killer addictive after an operation. Nobody is invincible. We watch almost every year, it seems people are regularly dying from prescribed medication addiction. Many personalities, Hollywood stars and even our own family and friends. It’s a subject soaps cover to raise awareness and the media are forever highlighting the threats. We see new outbreaks of deadly diseases that arise just because old viruses are fighting back and becoming immune to antibiotics. Yet we still go on accepting the prescription the doctors give us, believing in their skills and knowledge. 

We put our physical and mental health at risk. We begin to believe to heavily on medicines believing they are the HOLY GRAIL and the answer to all of our problems. We lower our immunity and numb reality. 


We are all clueless. 

Doctors and nurses aren’t to blame. They become slaves to pharmaceutical companies and the system. Even the system becomes a slave to the pharmaceutical’s because they bring in the money. 


I walk into the doctors and have to educate THEM on my illness. Some have never even heard about my disease. Yet, it’s a bigger epidemic than HIV. Their lack of knowledge often means they hinder my health not improve it. They panic - what the hell can they do? They will either pass you on, call you crazy and blaming your mental health and so prescribing anti-depressants, or prescribe any antibiotics they think may help. Even if it’s a virus! 


I am lucky, so lucky. I have a professor, who questions the system, goes and does his own research and looks for alternatives. His knowledge he passes on to me, has inspired me to stand up for myself.


I go to the doctors with serious symptoms, almost everytime I am prescribed an antibiotic course for symptoms that aline with those of a virus. Antibiotics can only help bacterial infections not viruses. Using them will just lower my already suppressed immune system and cause my liver to struggle removing the toxins. A number of times, I have accepted the prescription but never picked it up. 

Having to go home and use diet & herbals to aid my health. 


My health is very touch and go and any error could be deadly.


Many people don’t have the support of a professor willing to stand up to the system. 


Many and there have been recent programmes made about people being ‘Gogglers’ , where people are faced with googling their symptoms for help because they can’t get appointments or are dismissed by doctors. 


The system on a whole needs refreshing. Education and training been key. Like every profession, time moves on. We all need a revamp and modernising from time to time to keep up with the times.



Our system is old fashioned and outdated. Clinging on to old methods because that’s how doctors were trained and all they know. Highly inflenuced by sources that can feed them the money they need to keep working. 


We are stuck in a system that puts money and guidelines before really patient care.


I was practically left in hospital where because I didn’t fit the guidelines for their service which I needed to fit for them to access the funds. Was hell. I was neglected and ignored as a person. I wasn’t cared for or looked after like I believed I would be.

I was laughed at for being different, analysised daily like I had committed a crime, refused vital medications and so forth. 


I came out, feeling like I now more than ever was living on borrowed time.


I lost a lot of faith in the health service but I really had felt they were purposely hindering my health just to fit their guidelines and so from there they would know how to treat me.


The overwhelming, overworked community within medical circles means that doctors and nurses don’t have time to do personal research, extra training and educational courses. They must earn and living and more than ever there are more people to treat. 


It inspired me to write to MPs and people higher up. I don’t just need to change the system for my own illness. My illness won’t be the last disease that grows into an epidemic. My aim is to gain acceptance for my disease but also shake up the medical community. For them to look more into herbal, safe routes and begin more in depth , regular training to keep up to date with new health case that arise. Treating every case as unique and revamping guidelines.


It’s a system that’s crying out for help.


Although I have felt let down by the system, I do have so much determination to help. Doctors and nurses are true heroes, they are just reined in and trapped. They deserve to grow and blossom. So they can help us all in the future. 



We the people drive change..


Look beyond guidelines and you will see the bigger picture.






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