Poem- Shattered

March 8, 2018






My heart is battered,

Like glass I shattered,

The castle I built so tall,

It’s destruction I was unable to stall, 

I feel the burning in my veins,

The pressure in my head feels like I have been hit by a number of trains,

The sickness of heartbreak is real,

Evermore the poison I feel,

How can I go on?

How much longer do I have to be strong?

Where is the sunshine and the rest?

Everyday I give nothing but my best,

Tears stain my face,

The challenge I always try to embrace, 

The stress,

To simply dress,

Is more than you will ever know,

Struggle on my face I will try never to show,

Bacteria eating my mind,

Myself I continue to try and find,

Help and my heart I will always give,

With myself no matter what I can’t forgive,

My efforts never enough,

It’s rough,

A war against my body,

A war with myself to be somebody,

Am I enough?

Am I tough?

The questions I always ask myself everyday,

Hoping to find the answers in some way,

The endless pain,

The storm with endless rain,

A smile, 

May take a while,

I’ll just find my crown,

Nobody will know of your real struggle around town, 

My life isn’t my dream,

A one man team,

Lonely and cold,

On to anything I will hold,

Hoping for better days but planning for the worst,

Thoughts - into tears make me burst, 

A life so easy, fun and flowing,

I watch others glowing, 

My light dimmed and flickering in the shadows so hard to see,

Out of the cage - I shout to be free,

My life is my journey and me,

Whether or not it’s enough - I did the best I could being me. 






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