Poem- Loss & Reality

April 2, 2018

As the trees and flowers bloom so should you,

Dismissing all that you do,

Never got you anywhere,

An aching pain too harsh to bare,


Taking the bullet to save others but living with the bullet hole,

Never feeling complete or whole,

Wandering alone on a road with an unknown destination,

There is no relief or vacation,


We sometimes win,

But where do I begin,

The losses we feel,

Are more than real,


Far too great for us to deal,

Time doesn’t heal,

Only hits home what we have missed and loved - don’t you see,

A girl searching to be happy and me,


Dreaming of the day I will bloom,

No longer feeling invisible in a room,

Learn to think of me,

Piece the puzzle back together like it should be,


Recklessly I can love,

Knowing my soul would end up in a heaven above,

No pain on the inside or the out,

Living life without any doubt,


Running through the woods,

No longer crying for hours causing major road floods,

Breathing in happiness and pleasures,

Making memories I will forever cherish as our greatest treasures,


Flying in the cloud above,

Pain being zapped by love,

Dancing in the rain,

Laughing off the nightmare of the strain,


Be beautiful, valued and irreplaceable,

A dream that is simple and acceptable,

So hard to capture,

Endless torture,


Life goes on,

Time ticks on,

Boof it’s gone,

You never got your stage place to have shone,


Mourn the hurt that has battered you,

Despite all that you do,

It doesn’t level up or give you what you really desire,

I am a hot burning fire,


I hope I inspire,

 Before my time does expire,

Did I love enough?

Was I weak when things got tough?


Was I enough?

Should I have done more despite feeling rough?

Love is simple yet so complex, 

With the rules we cannot flex,


Just take the bullets and face the pain,

Rising again and again - never showing the strain,

Walk with me,

Don’t cry for me,


God’s plan,

God’s plan I am just human,

My life isn’t my life,

My skin doesn’t show the wounds inflicted by fate’s knife, 


My love won’t falter, 

I may not reach the alter,

I loved deeply and beyond words,

I have put down my swords,


Years will tell our story, 


We wrote a story that didn’t fit our storyline,

My life you did however help to define. 







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