The Promise-land

April 5, 2018

‘I may not reach the promise land but you will reach the promise land.’ - Martin Luther King Jr.


Of course we battle everyday in hope that we will help save ourselves and improve our lives.


We don’t battle soullessly or selfishly at all. The bottom line is we most probably won’t see the finish line and the reward from all our hard work. So if we aren’t going to benefit in well being, life or financially why are we fighting on the frontline often facing more pain and upset that we can handle?

We do it because we have a heart. We want to help, protect and save lives further down the line.


We live in an era where we live fast, live for now. That’s all well and good but it doesn’t leave our furture generations in a save place. 


When you are going crazy, blowing money, drinking without a care, eating junk without a care in the world. Just sit back and think about tomorrow. Think about what you really want out of life. Would you want your offspring drinking themselves into a coma and vomiting hundreds of pounds worth of liquor on the street? I think the answer would be no. 


We lead by example - we are the example.


We live in a time where we believe it is normal to be selfish and look out for oursevles. It’s very important to be strong and independent but there is no need to be selfish. We have to save ourselves, but we also have a duty of care for our loved ones and our future generations.


Without your ancestors dying in the trenches we may not be the kingdom that we are today. Without your ancestors using their brains and medical experiments we wouldn’t have vaccines or protection against killer diseases, etc. There will have been days when they questioned why they were suffering so much pain and working so hard because they weren’t seeing results. It didn’t mean they gave up and thought I don’t want to give my life to my country or use my knowledge to help save lives.  You see it in films when soldiers look at their family pictures and know why they are there. 


It is the same for us fighting for Lyme disease. 


Money is useful for treatment, life and security. 

Selfishness may get you ahead of the field in your career and life. 


But they don’t solve problems, they don’t change the world for the better or save you. 


Ultimately we are all on limited time and I would rather be remembered as the person who fought for others than the person who only thought of herself.


One tombstone that has stayed with me since my trip to France around the war graveyards. 

It read, ‘He saved so many, but himself he could not save.’ 


That, like Martin Luther King Jr is remembered in my eyes is far better than living for here and now, never pushing boundaries, challenging walls, raising my voice and spreading my love. 



We can change the world for the better, slowly but surely.




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