Silver Linings & Hard Work

April 21, 2018



I can’t be accused of living a boring life. I mean it’s not the life I really want or had hoped to live but the rollercoaster is always on full form, dropping me from major heights and lifting me sky high. 


So apart for the ambulance, morphine & hospital blip what has been having this week? As always it’s best to focus on the positives. We must always find the positives in every situation!


- our Wake Up To Lyme campagin posters and leaflets came and are now being displayed on our holiday park. We hope to extend this to our residential parks too. 

- wyre borough council were enthusiastic about making their residents aware of the risks of Lyme disease. I wrote to them earlier in the month because our region has many walking festivals over the coming months and people need to know and be aware of the risks. So they agreed for me to send them posters, leaflets, and Lyme campaign materials to put around their office in Poulton and spread around the region. 

- the All Government Party Group for Lyme Disease are holding another meeting on the 8th May, 2018 and they have invited 5 representatives from the Lyme admin team to join in, in the meeting. I would have loved to go but due to the protest being the week before, two trips to London would be too much ( if only I lived closer).

- tickets are almost ready for our Murder Mystery night! So watch this space and make sure you get in there first before tickets all go. 

-  I enjoyed a lunch out ( I know not a massive deal) but I didn’t tire and I think I managed to educate another person on Lyme. 

- thanks to my Mum’s amazing mind, we got Rufus Bellamy on board to help spread the Lyme disease message throughout our industry. Rufus is the ambassador for conservation for the British Holiday and Home Park Association. He has taken our message seriously too and really taken positive steps to spread the word. Rufus has sent over 600 letters to park owners within the industry to encourage parks to begin displaying signs and educating residents. This is a fab and big leap forward for our business and industry. 

- thank you, thank you, thank you! This week I hit 1,700 Instagram followers which is insane and so amazing to me. I hope our community can keep growing and thank you for all the kind, support messages I receive on a daily basis. Let’s get to 2K!

- Tuesday 24th April, I will be in the NOW magazine. I am super excited. The article is based on making a career despite suffering with Lyme disease and how celebrities like Bella Hadid openly talking about their struggles inspire us to keep fighting. So please take a read and let me know your thoughts. 

- Mama and I got all of our little DIY crafting materials for our garden revamping ideas ready for summer entertaining ( in hopefully some nice sun) with friends I truly miss. 

- I answered extra questions to support my nomination for the positive role model award at the Diversity awards. So I am truly hoping for the best! If you are yet to vote - please check out the link below! I am truly grateful for your amazing kindness, support and time. 



-Mama and I booked our trains down to London for the protest on the 1st May! Which we are geared up for!

- I received a gorgeous invitation from Willerby to see the unveiling of their new homes this coming Thursday. So that’s a road trip to Hull. It should be a fun day. Great people and I just love seeing how homes are created. How a touch of style, a sprinkle of essence and a detailed, thought out lay out can really make a home, a home. 



Always and continuing to work hard and push myself and the cause no matter what!


It’s going to be another busy week but we hope that postivity outshines any negatives that come our way. 


Now it’s some sun and drinks with Mama bear in order!





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