Reality - Poetry

April 29, 2018



My heart aches,

I watch the cake as it bakes,

The taste in my mouth as I still remember the bliss,

Oh, the food I do miss,


The sky’s are blue,

But I’m not living - it’s true,

I watch others sing,

Never worrying about a thing,


More days roll on,

Blink and they are gone,

From bed to the kitchen table to eat, 

I feel the defeat,


Another kick from fate,

I feel so sick but I must eat what is on my plate,

The pizza arrives,

Oh how I am deprived, 


The sun shines bright,

I can’t get out of bed without all my might, 

What to do?

Throw the towel in- I’m through, 


I watch you,

Enjoy life as you do,

Through broken glass,

What a shame - such a young lass,


Face the fact, 

My smile is a total act,

I paint the world as a beautiful place,

Painting the dream on ripped paper that disappear without a trace,


For me,

Life was not how it was meant to be,

I loved and I lost more than you will know,

I pushed myself in the darkness to glow,


In pain and suffering I chose to grow,

The world I want to show,

I was here,

Not somebody to simply be forgotten and disappear,


The smell of victory,

I won’t stop until I’ve made history,

A charge for the better,

A real go getter,


I hurt,

The lessons I have learnt,

The pain I have faced,

The way I have been disgraced,


I laughed through the tears,

I’ve lost many years,

To a pain,

That is a constant strain,


The life sucked from me,

Begging always to simply be free,

Life is a challenge I know,

I will continue to grow,


For me an invisible girl,

Through the lonely streets of darkness I twirl,

Hoping to find the light,

To brighten up my night,


The smell of bread.

Runs rings around in my head,

I can’t block out what I miss,

They brought me happiness and bliss,


Adapting all the same,

I’m sick of this fighting game, 

I am going insane,

Could you handle the pain?


Night are long,

I am strong,

Pull the curtain to,

The day is finally through,


I’ll rest my head.

Before I see red,

For the moments I have missed,

My struggle being dismissed,


I will dream right here,

To make footprints before I disappear,

I’ve tried to be happy you see,

Please see the real me,


Chase the sun,

Find fun,

Reach for the stars above,

Most importantly be loved and share love,


The full moon is here,

The life in me really does disappear,

I cry,

I fear I may die,


On my bed I lie,

Alone I cry,

Unable to face the world today,

Pause the game for a day,


My body needs to fight,

It’s going to take all my might,

Dreams fade out of sight,

Searching for a light, 


The struggle more real,

Oh the extra pain I feel,

The control over me,

Will I ever be free?





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