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May 2, 2018







London, London Town.. a little bit like our New York. When you have made it here, you can make it anywhere. Or so they seem to tell us.


Waking up at 5am and getting on the 7am train to Euston from Lancaster. I didn’t know what to think or what to expect. I was so wrapped up in just being well enough to go after my hospital stint that I hadn’t really fully considered the protest and all that it involved. 


I didn’t really even think about being outside for 3 hours and ensuring I wouldn’t be freezing my socks off. Luckily Mama was on it and took care of the finer details.


Then with a few disruptions on the way in the sense of changing trains and delays I didn’t like normal consider that these blips may be a reflection on what our day would be like. I just accepted them. I didn’t worry or over think them. Having that frame of mind probabaly helped the day be far more positive and productive, rather than hard and negative. 


I don’t know what world I was in, but this was like an alien land to me. I wasn’t used to being so calm. I guess I may have been conserving my energies. 


We met a lovely pair of ladies on the train which Mama and I helped educate on Lyme disease and they were very understanding and complimented my strength which was very kind of them. I also received a great email from Rufus Bellamy giving us a statement to the Lyme Discussion UK about his aim in spreading awareness on Lyme disease across the caravan park industry. 


We then got off the train on to the taxi. Where again we got into a Lyme disease discussion and the taxi driver knew all about the disease because his close friend has nearly died from it.  On our way over to the protest I was messaged by Ben Wallace’s PA saying Ben had remembered I was in town today and would love to meet me in his lunch break at 1.45pm. Of course I jumped for joy and agreed. Always great to see Benji! Top guy!


We arrived at the protest, slightly late but not allowing that fact to bother us because we had enough time to be around. We were greeted by the clan and I had the amazing opportunity to meet fellow members of the admin team! Which was so lovely because we discuss issues hour after hour with each other but have never really met face to face. So it’s lovely to put a face to a name.


The BBC then came down as the cameraman’s, his best friend had been diagnosed with Lyme disease and had been badly treated by the NHS. So they were determined to create and air a documentary on Lyme disease and  really highlight the ignorance we face from the health community. 


They said they were so pleased, they had come and had learnt so much from talking to us all. 


It was an amazing turn out and sharing our stories and having the strength to be present and speak up will have helped people in more ways than we truly know. 


Once all the interviews were carried and out leaflets were distributed not forgetting Mama and Richard ( one of the protest organisers), photo-bombing the shadow minister’s interview and passing on information and leaflets to him. We made our way to Portcullis House, where we met Ben Wallace. He was, as always chatty and open to hearing about our hard work in spreading awareness, where we are at with the doctors and our general well-being. It’s always an honour and a pleasure to see him. He even took some leaflets to give out to fellow MPs. 


We then even had time to rush to Leicester square, purchase theatre tickets for my Nana and Grandad, get wrapped up in the trade union’s protest march and and still make it back to the station with half and hour to spare. Where we managed to get some food from Mark and Spencer’s and a drink. Boy! I needed a drink! I’d done so much talking.


The train ride home was a buzz of lovely comments from fellow admin team members, friends and family and so the tiredness and manic’ness of the day didn’t set in. 


Still hasn’t really. As today is yet another busy day. 


Mama and I are both so pleased we went and really enjoyed ourselves. We felt it was really worthwhile and we did so much in our day. If ever there was a productive day- that was it. 


The next few days will be recovery days, in hope we can bounce back before the weekend. As always these are project to keep me motivated however and busy, even on the chilled days. 


Thank you to all who attended, the beautiful people we met and Mama for being number one as always. It wouldn’t have been the same fun and productive day without my soul sister. 


We can and will drive change. 




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