The All Government Party Meeting- The Aftermath

May 10, 2018



The 8th May, 2018.


After a successful protest on the 1st May but disappointing NICE guidelines that were released in April.


The All Government party for Lyme dieasase arranged a meeting where medical professionals were present and questions could be provided prior to the meeting by the admin & members of the Lyme Discussion Group. 


We put some pressing questions to the panel and got very little back. 


Medical professionals claimed we were leading the way in Lyme disease research and treatments. Despite using testing methods that are 20 years behind Germany. Of course, the more accurate testings done aboard don’t stand in this country. 


We must also mention that we are apparently leading the way in Lyme disease treatments and testings but we have zero Lyme specialists in this country. Germany and America have many. 


The question was raised about treatment methods used by medical professionals in our country. Why four weeks from two weeks of antibiotics? Despite America treating early stage Lyme with at least six to eight. 

The medical professional simply said he didn’t know where four weeks came from. It hadn’t been back by researching or trials. Just plucked from the air. 

Yet we are ahead of the world !


We have to laugh to stop ourselves from becoming very angry. 


We weren’t allowed to question the ‘evidence’ given by health professionals or ask any on the floor questions. Questions had to given prior to the meeting so answers and evidence could be gathered. Which to me, is wrong. 


With these type of lies that are being fed into the medical circles and to Government, is it any wonder that we are met with ignorance and dismissal. As it’s been painted out that we are ahead and there isn’t a problem here. 


People are losing their lives to this disease and more and more people are becoming infected every year. The evidence is screaming loud and clear to these professionals. Yet, drawing up guidelines that are based on them practically plucking numbers out of the air and saying our testing system that is 20 years behind the leading countries in the world, has us leading the way. I mean you couldn’t write it. 


Many would write off the meeting as a total disgrace and waste of time. 

Disgrace - yes.

Waste of time - no. 


We are planting the seeds all the time. Ignorance can’t go on forever. Their lies are only digging their own graves in the long run. They are making their work far more difficult in the years coming. Rather than facing the music- NOW and driving change. We are examples and evidence of the real story behind this disease.


Little ‘retreats’ on their side like admitting they have no clue where they got four weeks from and inviting us, the patients who suffer with this disease, are bigger steps forward than we at the time realise. 


Everyday slowly, slowly we have to keep fighting and keep our motivation to fight on. Despite the ignorance and judgments we face. 


We know the truth.


The truth always comes out in the end. 






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